Available: Pigeon /Crow and other vermin Holderness area available


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I am looking for six or seven shooters semi retired/ retired/ shift workers or free during the week who would like to make up a small vermin club.

I will be taking names and will try to meet anyone who is interested after Christmas.
You do not need any land I will be out in new year canvassing if the response is good.
There will be a small annual charge to cover maps and fuel costs whilst out looking for ground this will be discussed by all.
Also some sort of Christmas reward for any farmers that give permission.

You will need insurance do not even reply if you are not covered by BASC or CA or the like please.

You will need certificate for the class of weapon you intend to use.

I will then try to set up a Facebook page for all members.

I hope to gain permission for Pigeon / Crow /Rook and other general winged vermin including Feral pigeon. Rabbits / Rats / Squirrels and Foxes well that's the plan !!

Please pm me with your phone number or email for more details.


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I have now hired village hall and hope I have informed every one that has shown interest if I have missed you please pm me


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Sorry if I missed you out of the loop, a good friend passed last week and not had real chance to contact every one that showed interest.

We had first meeting and all went well.

Five turned up so good start.

We have FB group up and running but you will have to attend meeting before you can access the group.
Nothing will happen until next meeting in March

Please pm me if I missed you and you are interested in joining the group

Kind regards