Available: Pigeon shooting in Notts 09/08/2013 (FREE)

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Hi guys and girls,

I have not been pigeon shooting for months now and i am desperate to get back out.

I am a sociable type of guy so easily get bored of my own company.

I am planning to get out after the pigeons on Friday 09/08/2013.

I am happy to take someone out with me whether they be an experienced hand or a bit of a novice.

Round my permissions they have cut a fair bit of barley although i havn't really seen many birds on it but then again i struggle to get round there often. The rape has been sprayed but is at least another week away if not more.

I can not promise good sport or any sport at all as they are wild birds, but i will do what ever i can to have a few shots at them as i want to shoot too.

All i ask is ;

Must have insurance (BASC or equivalent)
Must have own gun.
Must have some cartridges (i have almost ran out and i am skint at the min although i don't expect you to supply me)
If your interested send me a PM with a bit about yourself, experience etc...

This isn't an invitation to shoot when ever you like this is a one off days shooting.

I have hide gear, decoys, magnet etc so no need to worry if you havn't got that stuff im happy to supply it.

Look forward to hearing from you.

And remember guys ITS FREE ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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