Pipe Dream Rifle

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The Dream:-

Build the perfect STALKING rifle. (Ignoring the financially ruined bod pulling the trigger!!)

This is not a calibre debate! Take it as read it would be .243,.308,.270,6.5x55,25-06,.260,30-06,7mm-08,7x57, or something more exotic, in no particular order.

What would be people's choices for:

1) Action
2) Barrels
3) Trigger
4) Stock
5) even more interesting Riflesmith!
6) oh and finally optics/rings.

Let the DREAMS commence!!


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perfecr stalking rifle

my remmy model 7 as is. and a really smart swarofski scope in 7mm 08


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Yeah I'll have whatever 300WSM in having please! Although I'm not quite sure what that is but it sounds good! :rolleyes: :lol:


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If I had the money, I would have my friend Trevor Proctor, of proctor rifles in Manchester build me a custom one of 25.06 for the UK. Followed by a 375 H & H for Africa.

Heym SR20

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I have built the following in my head many times - I just need now to part with the money!

Actions - Left handed
In order of choice:
Prechtle Mauser - but they don't do left hande yet.
Hein Waffenfabrik - www.rifleactions.com
Montana Model 99
Heym SR20,

But action needs to have:

Controlled round feed - preferably,
Fixed magazine - with dropping floor plate - holding four / five cartridges.
3 position safety - ie fully locked, bolt can be opened, fire.
Single stage trigger - crisp clean 3 pound pull, with push forward set trigger.

Barrel - 24 inch sporter weight - shilen, montana, lothar walthar. in Chromne Moly steel.

Still debating whether or not to have it threaded for a modorator - makes iit quieter - yes, but ruins balance and looks.

All metal work with a good rich satin blued finish.

Mounts - Apel fixed mounts.

Stock - American clssic style - longish forend with either ebony, or buffalo horm tip, laid back pistol grip, but quite full in the hand and full straight comb.

Stock will be straight grained walnut with an oil finish. Pillar and glass bedded around the action. To stop any chance of twist of forened, channel under barrel will have an aluminium bar let into it and then glass bedded over.

Possibly a trap in the stock for spare cartridges.

It will be a nice reddish coloured piece of wood, with good grain, but since this is a working rifle - not too fancy exhibition grade walnut.

Two screw sling studs.

And no it will not have a plastic stock or composite stock.

Scope - Schmidt & Bender, 1.5 -6 x 42 with German No4 reticle.

Calibre - either 7x64 - nice easy and flat shooting, but capable of launching 178 grain bullets for pigs or plains game,

or 300H&H - just because it is an old, accurate, lowish pressure and easy feeding calibre, and you can go up to 220 grain bullets if needs be.

And as to the builder - well I am going to farm out the metal work, but will do the stocking work myself - no it won't be as a good as Trevor Proctor's but there is nothing like using something that you have built yourself.

So something completely the opposite to the other dream rifle on here.


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My dream rifle would be.

30 cal

An old mannlicher schenor action with a modified bolt simular to the new sako85 bolt.

24inch Furlack barrel screw cut for a JetZ moderator

Jewel trigger

Stocked with either a Mcmillan stock, or stock made from a nice piece of french walnut

10 rd box magazine with a single round feed at the top.

Saftey mounted on the right hand side of the rifle at thumb height.

With a 2.5-12 X56 Zeiss scope attached to the rifle using sako mounts.

Plus a set of reloading dies cut using the same tool used to cut the chamber.

Probably put together by Bod Harvey at Garlands.


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Seriously, I would have my friend in America, a retired gunsmith, build mine. My only input would be that it would be in 6.5X55 with an 8 inch twist barrel. He would only shred any ideas I had regarding action etc.



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My rifle would be as follows:-

Bull pup configuration.
Straight pull action with lever on the left at the front.
Action made of Titanium(for lightness). and incorporate a built in Weaver rail.
22in barrel with built in carbon fibre shroud which would form part of an integrated moderator.
Trigger would use an electrical (captive discharge) system so you would have a first class trigger on a Bull pup configuration.
Magazine would hold ten rounds double stack but feeding rounds centrally.
Calibre would be Winchesters .284, but barrel would be changeable so you could have any other calibre with the chassis.
The short overall length and use of modern materials should keep the rifle handling well even though it is moderatored.
I would have different scopes to mount on detachable mounts depending on what stalking I was doing.

(Oh I would build it myself because once them 6 numbers come up I would have plenty of time to play in my workshop :lol: )

Best rgds



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Re: perfecr stalking rifle

swampy said:
my remmy model 7 as is. and a really smart swarofski scope in 7mm 08

I'm with swampy !!

i too have a remmy model 7 SS and it has a swarovski 8 x 50 and ase ultra s5 can.
Its in .260 rem though !

Nice small rifle that is light, robust, very accurate and not so expensive that i worry about what i crawl/push through.

Simple deer killer what else do you need ?


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My Sauer 202 in 7x64.
If people took the time to learn to shoot properly they would be astounded to find they already own their dream rifle.
For hunting you will never be as accurate as you rifle so why bother :lol:
To much choice is a bad thing, definatly not good for the brain.



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Dream rifle replies

My Sauer 202 in 7x64.
If people took the time to learn to shoot properly they would be astounded to find they already own their dream rifle.
For hunting you will never be as accurate as you rifle so why bother
To much choice is a bad thing, definatly not good for the brain.


Granted, but what is the harm in a little fun in life, - it costs nothing.
Unless of course life is that serious, you have no room for dreaming!!

Otherwise there are some interesting, replies/versions so far.


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Here you go.

Custom made 458 Lott shoots 350-500gn bullets. Dont need to dream any more :lol:
21" walter Lothar barrel
Timney Trigger
Custom walnut stock
1/4 rib
QD mounts for scope





Good medicine for squirrels up to elephants. One gun, one bullet, one world :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:



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BAT repeater, Sunny Hill Floorplate mag, GC Trigger, medium weight sporter barrel from Broughton, Lilja, Krieger etc. Manners or Mcmillan sporter stock or laminate from Joel Russo.

Chambered - 6.5x284

I'd build it myself.

We did say a dream build!

Offroad Gary

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1) Action – straight pull, left or right hand
2) Barrels – interchangeable, various calibres/lengths/screwcut to suit use
3) Trigger – crisp and factory set
4) Stock - plastic or wood.
5) even more interesting Riflesmith! –build your own all day long.
6) oh and finally optics/rings. – QD mounts with S&B 8X56 for general stalking, leupold 6.5 – 20 x 50 fine duplex for varmints/neck shot culling/target shooting

Yes, the Blaser R93!!!!


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Well, mines been in the pipeline for a while now.

Totally rebuilt Sako l691 action with factory single set trigger, 28" 8 twist light/medium varmint lothar walther barrel, chambered in 6mm Rem AI.
Mcmillan Sako varmint in woodland camo and the usual bits and bobs.
Scope? Might use my 4.5-14x50 Leupold Mk4. Eagle tactical cheekpiece and a nice turner saddlery sling.

Just waiting for the stock.



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I am always torn between a real performance rifle eg. an RPA action, Walther barrel, McStock, Jewell trigger etc etc, a real precision rifle in a fancy wildcat calibre OR...

A pretty, traditional stalker with maybe a Mauser action, high grade walnut stock in 6.5 x 55 or 7 x 57, a kind of back to basics stalker.

A friend of mine has a very nice Mauser based bullpup in 6.5 x 57, built in Austria for Chamois, which is a lovely stalker, light, very compact, and just as accurate as my Finnlight, if not more so. I would consider one of those. Think they are called Krapaut rifles(seriously).

Now for the lottery win.



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I actually know three guys who own Crapeheut rifles in various guises.

Well thought out idea and pretty much hand made in Alsace (i think) great for quick reaction shots in dense woodland - driven boar etc. - especially when used with a SA80 sling ;)


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The guy I know who uses one absolutley swears by it, and has used it on everything including boar, and he has 40+ years of experience, and a Clarke custom, and Fraser custom both relagated to occasional use.

It is certainly well made and a nice bit of kit that I will be considering in the future. It is not an absolute tackdiver like a custom target rifle would be but for a general purpose stalker I think hard to beat, and certainly as accurate as most standard rifles.

Not entirely sure what they set you back in this country though, and not prepared to go to France to get measured up!




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Well I couldnt make up my mind I would if I had the oppurtunity I would build several. The first my Varmint(americanism sorry) rifle would be:
6x47 lapua
Surgeon Action
Jewel top safety trigger
AICS stock
either a Krieger or Border cut 26 inch heavy barrel
S & B PMii 5-25x56 P4 reticule 2nd focal plane

Second rifle would be in
Pierce action
Hogue aluminium chasis overmould stock
Jewel top safety trigger
24 inch krieger or Border barrel cut rifle barrel
S&B PMii 3-12x50 P4 reticule
The top one I hope to start in a year or two, the bottom one perhaps a few more years.
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