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I have a problem with the postings regarding Handguns. As a firearm certificate holder to enter into dialogue about shooting people is both irresponsible and dangerous and should not be allowed on this Forum

Billy T


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Point taken Billy, but we have freedom of speach in this country although its something that is usually used by those who have nothing but contempt for our way of life and laws.
Popular music has many songs about killing people, gunning down cops and raping women. Thats a cultural art form I'm told. PC and X box glory in mass killings, these are what these little scumbags subscribe to. So I have to suffer it and smile and remember the days when kids used air guns (more or less) responsibly and Servicemen, Police, Paramedics, Firemen were respected and little boys played war games with action man not 'PC' correct same sex couple dolls.
As a serviceman I was taught the rules of engagement, a strict doctrine of what you can and can't do when faced with a clear and present risk to life and property. I would therefore use those rules in a given situation as I think most if not all on this site members would do. However no one has the right to come into my house or attack on the street any of my family or any law abidding member of the public. These are the acts of home grown terrorists bent on anarchy.

Excuse me there's a John Wayne film just started, I want to see the big man sort out the bad guys.

I choose to joke about guns and shooting bad guys in the confines of a website that is subscribed to by like minded sensible people. I have ample knowledge of and respect for guns and the British Legal system and would not cross the line. That is the difference. IMHO.


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Well put Mr B. Billy no one here is threatening to do anything, but most are of the mind that Law and Order in the UK has broken down to a point where this government needs to make serious changes in the law, that protects the law abiding public.

And please do not tell me that the present laws are adequate, after all Swampy has a job to do, and yet due to stupid laws he is finding it frustrating it seems to up hold the law and make a conviction stick.

One only has to listen to that poor lady who lost her husband, after he was kicked to death by three little cowardly bastards, one of whom had just been let out on parole :eek: I was sickened by the fact that the victims youngest daughter had to watch her father kicked to death in the street, and then the three mindless thugs, threatened her, a 12 year old girl. Plus the guy had just recovered from cancer. My heart goes out to this family and all the others that have been a victim of these cowards.

LIFE SENTENCE, hmmmm yes that poor women has a life sentence and her 3 daughters, now without her husband and their father.

The death sentence should be brought back, and those three individuals would be the first to go on a rope in my book. Cheaper than keeping them at the tax payers expense in a cell.

Rant over.


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After the ruling in the courts today that it was ok for those 5 muslims to download propaganda about suicide bombers on their computers, it seems that we can pretty much say and do as we please on the net, or is that just for muslims? :confused:

The fact that one of them had been watching that type of propaganda and then left a note for his relatives saying he was going to Afghanistan to become a terrorist is ok??

The world is going bloody mad :evil:

The fact that we can discuss issues that we COULD all come across at some stage in our lives is the freedom that our forfathers fought for.

I for one would like to think that i would be well prepared if ever i found myself in a situation where i could do more than just stand by and watch as someone was being kicked to death.



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The thing to remember in all of this is that we are all responsible and do not have the slightest intention of using our weapons in any way other than for the reasons stated on our certificates. The fact that a FAC may withdrawn if it is thought that the holder is unsuitable, does not mean that the holder is denied having a point of view. It is not unreasonable for anyone to hold the view that legislation as it stands does not deal adequately with the crimes of today, and this is, IMHO, the view expressed by members of this site. It is not wrong to feel compassion for the victims family, and outrage at the mindless yobs who made them victims and ridiculous system that supports such a state of affairs. It is quite normal, and if we ever stop thinking and feeling like that it will be a sad day in my book.



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Thanks for your post. We need balance in all things and in a lot of what you say you are right. Please don't think that advocate going about and culling people. I simply get frustrated that the innocent are subject to violence every day and do not have the means to defend themselves.

I don't agree that we don't have sufficient legislation. I believe we don't have sufficient funding and resources and the politicians don't have sufficient spine to allow correct enforcement and application of our legislation.

S3 of the criminal justice act says you can use reasonable force to defend yourself , your property and your family. In some cases the force can be lethal. That is the law that the police use when they shoot people. It was the law that stopped Tony Martin being prosecuted for shooting the first burglar. However, when the second one ran away and he shot him that is not in the eyes of the law reasonable force to defend yourself.



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Billy Tomlinson said:
I have a problem with the postings regarding Handguns. As a firearm certificate holder to enter into dialogue about shooting people is both irresponsible and dangerous and should not be allowed on this Forum

Billy T
i can understand your your dilemma hear, as a very responsible ticket holder myself who is governed by the justice system in this country ,what would you do if one of these many scrotes or thugs came to you with life threatening behaviour towards you or you family or freinds ?
i would imagine much the same as most who hav posted on this
this is not a dig at you Billy T
, just interested in your thoughts pm me if you like,
as for any other authority looking on i would hav no problem in shooting, stabbing or kicking the sh*t out of any of those thugs that kicked my window in and stole half of my worldly possesions one easter day while i was out visiting friends ,if was not for the elderly lady ( my neighbour who came to see what the noise was) they held at knife point had not fainted and caused them to flee in panic who knows what may of happened
but hey thats brum for you
but may be you are right
we should keep our thoughts and beliefs to our selves so that others are not offended in any way and nor should we say any thing that could incriminate ourselves in any way what so ever as our tickets are definately on the line,
please could all be carefull in what you post
Billy T has made a valid point and has my upmost respect for doing so
kind regards stone
ps sometimes things hav to be said just to get them aired


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What worries me is that being an FAC holder has caused everyone here to jump through so many hoops,that when confronted with violence,the natural reaction to deal with it by fighting back,may be taken over by avoidance of confrontation,& this would obviously been taken as a sign of weakness by the pack animal mentality of the drug addicted thugs mentioned previously. So when do you intervene? When you believe your life to be at risk? At what point can you expect to have your licence revoked for fighting off someone who attacks you in the street?
It seems to me that as licence holders,our hands are tied & I don't like the idea atall,from a personal perspective,as a man who would avoid any possible fights,even without being a ticket holder,having a doubt in the back of my mind about wether or not to defend myself is just not on.
Reference Tony Martin,I understand he had been a prolonged victim of crimes on his farm,illegally held shotgun though. In my mind it would be much better if the government would come into the 21st century,start arming police with real arms,not trungeons! & allowing the ownership (at home or in the car) of non-lethal weapons for the responsible public... cs gas, stun guns, rubber buckshot or beanbag rounds & to my mind,that really would learn them :!:


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Hi DL,
Good point, I don't think I could ever be a 'Have a go hero' because I fear that I'd loose my FAC should I hurt the little darlings! I watched a program about those bean bag rounds, wow great stuff! One of those in the Crowns jewels and you aint worried about family planning anymore! :lol: