Poaching Theyford area


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Just had this email through from the DI, just to let you all know.

I have been contacted by CLA members in the Thetford area who have reported problems with organised gangs poaching deer on their land,


These gangs are hardened criminals who come down from the Midlands, they work using dogs and night vision equipment filling up a chiller van and think nothing of driving across growing crops, skinning and eviscerating carcasses mid field. They should not be approached. I have spoken to the Norfolk police via the CC Phil Gormley’s office and am liaising with farm watch’s Tony Bone. The police need concrete evidence to be able to do anything.

This email is to ask you all to look out for the signs of poaching, take photographs, record dates and pass the information to Tony Bone of Farm Watch on 01603 758158 m 07885 487016 . Tony will co-ordinate and pass on to DC Armstrong. Please ask your neighbours to do the same

If we don’t report it we can’t expect the police to sort it




Nicola Currie

Regional Director

CLA East