poetential group powder buy


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Hi guys,
I have done some work on powder prices and i can put together a group buy of accurate powders. it is likely to be around £25 per lb. all rifle powders are represented and the numbers are similar to Hodgdon powders.

i can put the order in and maybe distribute at the march and shoot? or you can collect from me in nort lincolnshire.


expressions of interest please then i can get a quote



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Hi Swampy
I met the distributor the other day at my place of work,he collected a load of swiss black powder from our warehouse.I have a load of different powders,when I work through them I'll give you a shout.On the other hand,if you get a load of bullets cheap...


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sorry mate..only just saw the thread. Let me know how you get on with the bulk purchase....don't intend to attaend the event but maybe someone close to home is...........