Pofadder (puff adder)

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here is a recipe for a popular south african dish. It's named after one of our snakes, the puff adder. An alternative to using the intestines, is to use the "vetderm" or colon. Yes, they clean this out properly and then follow the rest of the recipe.


A traditional sausage usually made in areas where game abounds, somewhat resembling the snake that it it named after. Especially suited to springbok or kudu. As a variation the intestine, liver, heart and kidneys of a sheep can be used.


large intestine of venison
venison liver, heart and kidneys, cleaned and diced
milled pepper
30 ml crushed roasted coriander seeds
5 ml dried thyme
15 ml Worcester sauce

Clean the intestine thoroughly. Mix the liver, heart and kidneys with the salt, pepper, coriander seeds, thyme and the Worcester sauce and stuff the mixture into the intestine. BBQ over moderate coals for approximately 15 to 20 minutes, turning once.
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