Police Scotland / Black Powder Explosives licence


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Had a visit from a very nice man today after I applied for an explosives licence for both myself and Mrs , he sat down and did some paperwork then checked my gunroom for storage area asked about a storage box which I said I will make myself, so he is emailing me the plans etc, tells us we are both getting said licences, and could I email him pics when box is made so he can send licence
and next time he is passing he will drop in to check the storage box, it was sooooo easy and he obviousely knew his stuff about BP, and all this after only 6 weeks of applying
when you considder that all explosives licences in Scotland are dealt with from Edinburgh they are doing a great job


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Although, we have to apply for the RCA document from HSE unlike rUK where it's part of the Explosive Licence.
Not Edinburgh Police's fault just some Chief Constable being different.


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I had a bit of contact with them when I was looking into binary compounds for reactive targets. They couldn't have been more helpful, to be honest. Another thumbs-up from me


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mine is in the post
very straight forward affair

RCA application is a quick email to HSE , no drama

all very exciting!