Police Scotland - turnaround time for first application?


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Just about to drop my FAC application in the post and wondered if anyone has recent experience of how long I should expect things to take. It's Glasgow-area so handled at Pitt Street I presume.

It's taken me ages to get everything lined up for my application so I've no right to be impatient now but just wonder when I might know if I'm able to start shopping!




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My boyfriend applied for his first FAC in mid September...... Been approved etc but still not arrived.



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Police Scotland due to restructuring (read budget cuts) are now so understaffed and backlogged, even a 1 for 1 takes 3-4 months. I wouldn't be surprised if you're looking at 6+ months tbh.


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I wouldn't be surprised if you're looking at 6+ months tbh.
:eek: Bloody hell! Looks like it might be quicker to move to Tayside!!

I had heard this to be honest although was hoping I might have misheard...

More time to save the cash I suppose!

Thanks for the replies.


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A few years ago when it was still all seperate depts the L&B firearms boy phoned me about a 1st application SG|C for somone and he sort of said they are generally put to the bottom of the pile as there is no deadline or hurry the same way there is with a renewal


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Central Scotland used to give you a call three months ahead but their service has improved greatly since my last renewal and i expect the renewal will have streamlined also. I'm three months away and no word yet
They are now a pleasure to deal with.


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I have just had a variation for a .270 (not a one for one) processed by Central Scotland in under Four weeks.
no problems. The firearms officer was very helpful. 10 out of 10 For central.


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My mate put his ticket in before Xmas and is still waiting , he has been promised it for this Friday but if it doesn't arrive he will have to wait at least another 2 weeks as the licensing department at Pitt street is moving to an new location at Dalmarnock and will be shut for the 2 weeks , he has been advised to complain and fully intends to do so


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My application took 3 months 2 yrs ago and my variation last year took 6 days from posting until it came back
Pitt st have been good to me
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My last renewal took 3 weeks at Pitt street.
My mate put his renewal 6 weaks ago an hasn't heard a thing Pitt street aswell.

Regards Kev.


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Police Scotland Pitt street last november told me my variation would take longer due to problems with there new computer restructuring setup .I had it back 2 weeks later. :tiphat:


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I'm the same mate, took an age to get all my paperwork together and now wish I'd been a bit quicker off the blocks.
Handed in first application mid Jan, was advised it was 'allocated out' end Jan and won't get any further until the FEO contacts me. 'It may be some time' and renewals are prioritised over applications was the info provided.
Grampian have been excellent this far, but no idea of timescale.
Will bide my time, stalking demands patience - and I guess this includes the FAC :D
Anyone else have experience of recent first apps?


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Had renewal chat 3.5 months before due date....took 3.5m!!!
collected day before expiry and I had to chase every step of the way

the issue in my opinion is not just staff shortage but the enquiry officers who will sit on a relatively straightforward renewal for 95% of that time.
my referee wasn't called until 2 weeks before the renewal, meaning the file was sitting on his desk for over 3 months!
how fresh in his mind can that have been?

the office can't process a file they don't have

Bear at in mind they have a legal obligation and time period to do renewals, variations and applications take a back seat


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Hi just had a 1- 4- 1 it was three weeks, mates renewal was same as bewsher500 when we went to pick up mine. Mate asked them about his as it was up that week. Give me a minute girl asked, then she appeared with his renewal complete it was waiting to be posted. This was pitt street. I made two polite phone calls for my 1- 4- 1 they could not be any more helpful very happy with pitt street.


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Thanks for all the replies. Patience definitely required then!

Given it's going to take a good while, can I also ask what's the order of events? I'm particularly wondering when my referees might get contacted. I gave them both a heads up of what I'd expect them to be asked (based on the HO guidance docs) but couldn't tell them when it might happen. Will they just get a call out of the blue at some point in the next 6 months or will the process start with the FEO contacting me?

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Have you read my post re the fact that all civvy FEO`s are being made redundant, very shortly, and all tasks will be carried out by officers. Officers whose new brief is to charge for all infringements no matter how minor.