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I, at the age of 49, have long had a desire to take up stalking as a past time. I originally shot around the family farm and hill ground in Glen Fender, Blair Atholl from about 8 years old with my dads remington .22 bolt action rim fire. However, that finished when I headed off to the military and took up 7.62 and 9mm heavier calibre. I now reside in the Dunblane area and have been away from shooting for about 20 + years now, and feel the urge to return to it whilst giving me some worthwhile sport. I am at present Director of Rural Safety Associates, a company I am in the process of establishing, after many years as a senior Advisor with other Health and Safety Companies. I look forward to picking your brains on all sort of matters, whilst I get up to speed with modern stalking and riflemanship. I certainly look forward to being a member of the directory. Many thanks.
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Welcome aboard.

Liked the title, SD is a much more polite place these days - and going from strength to strength in the process.