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paul k

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There was a brief pre-Christmas anti poaching segment on the BBC Wales regional news this week.

The subject was serious but some of the information diseminated was so inaccurate that it was worrying.

The report castigated poachers by accusing them of "just taking the choice cuts of meat and leaving the dead animal behind". This was voiced over a shot of a warden looking at a dead spiker. They clearly missed the point that the carcass is the venison. A local trading officer then warned the public that poached venison was likely to be dangerous to health because "it was gutted in the place that it was shot and not taken to a regulated abbattoir or butchery".

What is particularly disturbing is that this guy was either lying to make a point or genuinely has no idea that 95% of venison sold in this country is gutted where it falls precisely for health reasons and that carcass preparation for sale is regulated by the EU.


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To expect the BBC to get the facts correct, over a touch of sensationalising of a topic, is a bit of a reach. This is exactly the sort of thing that our marvelous representative bodies should be meeting head on, and making sure that the BBC at least get their facts right. It will of course never happen, but I fee la bit better for venting a bit of steam.



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The BBC air nothing but fairy tales and fanasty! And I'm not on about 'The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe' or 'Alice in Wonderland', I'm on about the News! I've been involved in making three tv programs and these 'TV people' turn the words before they come out of your mouth! :evil:


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All journalists are only interested in making or collecting a story, and the BBC when it comes to anything to do with the countryside and country pursuits are well known for turning the story into thier idea of how it should interpreted. This is usually to the detrement of hunting, shooting and stalking.

Rather like politicians, full of s--t. :mad:


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It happens in America too. Most reporters don't take the time to understand hunting or hunters, and the reports are usually very biased. In the local news, it rather depends on whether or not the community is into hunting. In the national news, the slant is almost always a negative one.

Reporters will slant the story to get viewers and ratings. Anyone who thinks they won't is living in a dream world.
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