Portable hides

Stoney Creek - Purpose Built Shooting Clothing


Bought one of those Bushwear "Bush" hides late on in the Buck season- Unfortunatly Foot and Mouth worries prevented it's use till last week. The grounds that i hunt are often lacking in high seats or the high seat areas on other grounds are too heavily shot to be worthwile. I have been relying on laying out prone on a mat previously - But this means i constantly feel the need to pee! and there is cover in my way / rock digging in my hip etc.
So the thought of sitting in an arm chair appealed to say the least. The only downside to this model is it can be a bit rustly in the wind and could benifit from proper tie down point if you wish to put it out well in advance say the evening before for a first light visit. Also the char need reasonably firm flat ground otherwise you tumble over . Anyhow i took it out last week for the does and it works just great otherwise. Anyone used other types what are your thoughts on those you tried ?
The Lucky Hunter