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Hi all
I dont want to go down the road of a moderator as im happy with my rifle as it is.Im thinking of porting the barrel and just wondered what were your views and where I could get this done.



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Maybe a muzzle break that screws onto threads?
that way if you don't like it you can take it off

Heym SR20

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Porting certainaly works in taking out the kick and the jump. Porting works by redirecting the muzzle blast sideways and upwards. I have a ported choke for my Benelli Nova pump action and it does work in taming the recoil of 3 1/2 inch cartridges.

They do say that down range it the sound much more dispersed, but close to the sound is very much louder, both for the shooter but especially for any body who is next to you - eg a ghillie. I used to shoot with a friend who had a muzzle ported 25-06 and it was horrible to be near. Like wise the Benelli with the ported choke is really loud and I have stopped using it.

To be honest most stalking calibres don't actually have that much recoil and if you are shooting out in the field at game recoil is not an issue.

If you are worried about recoil, suggest adding adding a decent recoil pad, plus rubber recoil reducing cheek piece and if that doesn't work add a bit of weight to your rifle - a half pound of lead spread between the butt and the forend will make a huge difference. Plus also practice lots with a lower recoiling weapon- eg 22 lr.

Bandit Country

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I guess the question is why are you thinking of porting? You mention not wanting a moderator so is it noise reduction, or is it a recoil 'issue'.

Although porting may make the report more diffuse it does nothing for your neighbours. Having stood adjacent to a number of ported SG users it isn't a nice experience! :)

If it is a recoil thing I would go for the enhanced butt pad and/or a screw on muzzle brake. That way if it don't work for you, you can still go with the moderator option - you also wont damage any resale value of your rifle.

Jager SA

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Go with a muzzle brake, much better than porting the barrel. It will not be a nice transformation but it will reduce felt recoil.

There several makes which work very well but it depends on your calibre.