Possiablely in the North West


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Hi chaps im a very keen person who loves a day deer stalking. I am getting quite a good bit of experiance under my cap now a days. I fancy trying my look for wild boar. I live in Lancashire & was wondering if there is any possiable stalks in or around the North West region. I have only heared of far down south or far Scotland for wild boar stalks. I am going to the Troff of Bowland, Lancashire next week for a short break & will do a bit of enquireing. All help wood be very grateful. I am prepaired to travel depending on costs etc :D


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I'm afraid the only boar at Bowland are at www.wildboarpark.co.uk - worth a visit though! We're hoping for escapees to start breeding in the wild!

As far as I'm aware are nearest are Galloway - however even there they aren't in the numbers that Kent/E.Sussex and Forest of Dean are getting.

Disco Stu

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If I remember rightly some antis cut the fences @ Bowland some 5 or 6 years ago. I am sure I saw it in the LEP and some of my family discussed it around the time this happened. Or did any escapees get caught / shot?

paul k

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If there are boar in either Shropshire or Lancs they are probably few in number as neither county rates a reported sighting on the British Wild Boar website.

Your best bet is to get down to the Forest of Dean where there is possibly the largest current UK population. Try a PM to Blaser 30.06

Out of interest under a Freedom of Information disclosure the Forestry Commission recently admitted having reliable photo evidence of two big cats in the Forest of Dean.