possible gold medal??


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evening all,
would like to know peoples views on this fine specimen i came across the over day.....could it possibly be a gold medal??...take a look!!

ok,ok.....i know....the elusive jackalope!!

they are as rare as rocking horse sh#t dont you know!!!! :lol:



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A lot of pubs in Germany used to have at least one on the wall behind the bar. It used to make you wonder just how strong the beer was if you hadn't noticed it on your way in!! lol


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I believe that this particular beast is in fact an American specimen.

The Antler configuration being the giveaway, its probably got some Odocoileus virginianus in its makeup!

rgds Ian :)


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thakyou ian,
it really is a remarkable beast, i was told it was the variety of 'iamtaking thepiss' a very rare one at that!!
got to be gold, look at the antlers for the size of the beast!!! :lol: