Possible hunting in Yukon Canada


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It has been mentioned to me from a friend, that why dont I go over to canada and try some hunting ?
Does any one have any experience of canada ?



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I was out in Nova Scotia after black bear a couple of years ago (and have travelled around in Canada a bit too). It's the second best place on the planet (after Scotland of course). The wildlife will blow you away, the people are incredibly friendly, you'll feel like a millionaire (Xrate still 1.77, 2:1 when I was there) and you'll come home 2 stone heavier.

My abiding memory of Canada is sitting in a Tim Hortons (Canadian Institution, you'll find out) and seeing a pick up pull in, quad in the back, huge bull moose on trailer, dripping blood onto the car park and nobody batting an eyelid...that's my kind of country!

These things are awesome...like an horse and a half with a couple of kitchen chairs on it's head...and this wasn't even a big one

Oh, and if you get the chance to eat black bear, take it, it's like nothing you've ever tasted.

Oh, and go to a Canadian Tyre...it's like Halfords but with bullets!

Don't hesitate, book the trip. And bring me back a Tim Hortons Blueberry Fritter please!