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Its not that important , but SD is becoming like the Grouse shooting poll my number of posts is becoming less on 9/08/13 I noticed I had 2883 posts have made a considerable number of posts since then it did go up to 2886 then back down to 2883 and seems to be stuck there.

Whats that all about would think I should be over the 3000 mark now , its not important but would like to know whats happening.


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That Grouse Shooting poll is just a farce......

Bit like any public vote, or consultation these days... If they do`nt like the result / verdict, then they make it `fit` their cause....


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Since posting this you have posted 14 posts, 2883 + 14 = 2897, which is bang on. :-|

Post counts will only ever go down if you have participated in a thread which has since been deleted. Also, changes may not show up immediately because the server caches information to inrease performance, so instead of adding +1 to your post count three times for three posts in quick succession it might wait for the third post and then update the post count in one go.