Postage to Dublin, help, you could not make it up.


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I have a pair of boots to send to Dublin if the sale goes ahead? I parcelled them up and took them to the post office for a quote, as over 2 kilos, £62.00 not a misprint.
Now if I reparcel the boots into 2 parcels and post them separately it will cost me 15 per boot as parcels are under 2 kilos each. You could not make it up.
Anybody know of a reasonable cost parcel post to Dublin? Thanks, Jim


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No, I've known this too, with stuff to Australia and elsewhere. The problem is that "over two kilos" is, I think, up to the next "step weight" at ten kilos or some such.

If you use letter post, or parcel post, it also has a size "step" now. Yet Special Delivery (old Registered Post) doesn't it's weight only. So I sent a German helmet to Bosley's auction for just £8.50 whereas as a parcel it would have been £13.50...and slower!


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For £62 you could take RyanAir round trip and probably get a pint and sandwich in Dublin while your there!


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Go to - will be way cheaper and they will collect it from you.

You may need a printer to print a shipping label depending on service you choose.
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Joking apart I am doing the round trip to Lewis 12 - 17 Sept. Maybe we can organise something by PM.
Otherwise look up Parcel Motel which is a collection system based on filling stations


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+1 for parcel motel. I am in Ireland and use it all the time when buying stuff in the UK. The real benefit is you can post to Northern Ireland which is usually much much cheaper.

All the info you need is on there website

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I ship to ROI every week. My recommendation is NOT to ship to Parcel Motel. I cannot tell you the amount of stuff that has gone missing to Parcel Motel even with a signature. The response from Parcel Motel? Actually prove that we received it. I now decline to send anything there, it has cost us a lot of money and at the end of the day it is about providing a service to the customer.

For irregular consignments try Parcel Monkey. You will get rates similar to our contracted rates. I can send 20kg@1000x500x500 for £12 plus VAT. NI costs £18 + VAT - go figure!