Posting bullet heads - who can advise, swampy?


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I have some Sierra GameKing Bullets 22 Calibre (224 Diameter) 55 Grain Full Metal Jacket Boat Tail. The Code is 1355.

I'm going to get rid, as I wont be reloading 223.

Would I be correct in thinking that as these are non-expanding I can send them through the post and dont need to have sight of a FAC?

If I do need to see a FAC do non-exanding heads count on aquisition/possession limits? Would I have to put them on their ticket?

I'd hate to get this one wrong.



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Hi snowstorm
this is a point of some contention. the FMJ's are no problem at all. the gamekings is where the problem lies. I searched the legal stuff and i could find no reason why not, however it is a widely held belief that you cant.



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Curious one this, why are full metal jackets under the "Gameking" label when quite clearly they are not designed to expand.
If they are non expanding there is no need to sign them on to a certificate, they will not count towards your limit, and there will be no reason whatsoever why they can't be posted.


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Sierra 1355 is a .224 full metal jacket boat tail bullet but goes under their "Gameking" title, rather confusing as you would think of it as a military type bullet rather than as a game bullet.


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The reason that they are designated gameking is that they are intended for use on fur bearing animals over in the states. No expansion equals needle sized holes (usually) and pelts that require less stitching. I've know guys over here use them for hares when they were shooting for market.