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I was hoping this would be obvious but if you don't like someone, don't like their posts or don't like there point of view you:

1) don't have the right to post belittling, insulting, rude posts in their threads for the sake of stirring up an argument, or indeed for any other reason.
2) do have the right to challenge what the user has written, give a different viewpoint etc., in a polite way.
3) do have the right to silently 1653476512825.png the users, so you don't need to read their posts/messages in future.

We are getting new users joining every day and they, as well as our existing members, don't deserve to be worn down by the very loud few. Having a different viewpoint from someone else doesn’t mean you have a right to silence them. If there is anything you feel is genuinely worrying there is the 1653476067962.png button beneath the post that let's Admin take a look. You can also control which forums you want to tell you there are new posts.

If you can't do this you will find yourself removed from replying to threads, sections of our site or, in the end, removed completely.

This is a deer stalking site first and foremost, which is something we are all interested in, and we should try to remember that it's ever so easy to fall out between us and miss the bigger picture because of that.
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