Powder for 25-06


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Ok so I'm looking at a powder for 25-06, the big issue is that it's only a 20 inch barrel.
i inherited a recipe using N160 with a 117 grain Sierra but I don't think it's moving too quickly as although I have not cronographed it I'm seeing a drop of 130mm at 200m with a bang on zero at 100m.
it seems likely that the N160 is a bit slow for a20" barrel so I thought something slightly quicker may be better. Most Internet chat is about 24 or 26 inch barrels so not really relevant as I have what I have, which is a 20".


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Before changing any loads, chronograph it and see how it groups. Grouping is most important, of course, but don't assume you are losing lots of velocity. Your drop sounds like a .257 Roberts at 2,700 fps or so. If you move the zero to 2 inches high at 100 yards, you should be about an inch low at 200.

Contrary to popular opinion, a faster powder may not do as well as the best slow powder in the shorter barrel. That is true for the 6.5x55 with 140-gr bullets. But if the above sight setting is not good enough, you might want to try a 100 or 110-gr bullet with 4350.


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I used a .25-06 for years and years reloading H4831 or IMR4831 and 120gr Nosler Partition or 117gr Hornady Round Nose .
I set the rifle to print 1/2 high at 100yrd put on ribs of Deer out to 250yrd results Dead Deer even some of the biggest Red's to the UK with a 20" Barrel and NEVER felt myself wanting and I had a .300 Win-Mag in the cabinet.
Good luck enjoy the .25-06 fantastic calibre :thumb:


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I use IMR4831 with the Nosler 110gn Accubond 53gns works bob on for me. IMR4350 x 53gns using the Sierra Prohunter 100gn bullet, or the Nosler 100gn BTip.

My opinion is that you dont need any heavier bullet in the UK than the 110gn AB. from a .25-06....it hits hard and fast with an MV around 3120/3130fps from my 22" barrel.

Zero 1 1/2" high @ 100 = approx 180-200yds or so actual zero.
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Thanks guys, it groups well but I think I will try either 4831 or 4350 as I'm on the last dribble of N160 anyway. I've also got quite a few 117 sierras to use too so I'll stick with them for the time being.


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Ramshot Magnum or Viht N165. I think 4350 is a bit too fast for the heavier bullets.


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Vhit N560 will get you top end velocities with the heavier bullets in .25-06 - easy to get hold of too. I use it with 110gr and higher. I load H4350 for mild 100 gr Roe rounds.


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I use IMR 4831 and V N-560. I use the 4831 on 117gr Sierras for deer (mainly fallow) and everything has fallen into place very well. I also used 4831 on 115gr VLD's to over 1000yds (avg 3010FPS) using the lower of 2 good loads. I use the n-560 on 100gr Sierras with equal success but there just seems to be something about a long case, IMR4831 and 117gr in the quarterbore.

I can't comment on 20" vs 24" however most of the load data I've developed from has come from Lee, Vihtavouri and Nosler (some interesting ideas and alternatives on their reloading data bit of the website).

+1 for Stalkerboydy's closing comments - have fun!