Powder options , opinions .


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Having used H4831 in the WM , with this powder now gone looking to H1000 or Vit 560 for using 190 hpbt for target shooting will be looking for 2950/3000 fps .
Anybody with experience of these powders .



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Yes, H1000 is way too slow, fine for the larger case 6.5s and 7s but too much for the 300WM and 190s. (You realise too that H1000 is not Reach compliant, so unless you have a private stache, or know of a supply imported berfore 1st June, you can no longer get it here?)

Have a look at Viht N165. It'll produce ~50-75 fps lower MVs than N560 in a top pressure load, but your barrel accuracy life might actually exceed 1,000 rounds. N560 produces superb MVs, but like all the N500 series 'high-energy grades' is a barrel killer in top loads and target shooting where the barrel WILL become hot (and some) with this cartridge. (Field use and single shots from a cold barrel is another matter entirely when maximum performance is wanted.)

If you want to improve ballistics, have a look at other bullets. The 190gn SMK was an excellent performer in its day and its forte is coping well with the transition from super to trans/sub-sonic speeds at long ranges, but is a blunt and high drag bullet compared to more modern designs. Bergers may be expensive, but a milder load with an high-BC bullet will give the same long-range ballistic performance as a hot one with a mediocre but cheaper performer and will give you a lot more barrel life. Barrel life is the hidden sunk cost for match shooters but shouldn't be forgottem. If a rebarrel costs £750 say and the barrel life is 1,000 rounds, that's £0.75 per shot. Extending barrel accuracy life to 1,500 rounds brings that down to £0.50 and £25/100 buys a lot of extra bullet.


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Thanks very much Laurie your advice very much appreciated , I didn't realise H1000 is down the drain I have read where the 215 Berger is a good bullet for the WM its a sod that I have just bought a load of 190 smk , will have to check out the availability of Viht N165 and the 215's locally or from Diggle .