-powder prices-


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Guys what are you paying for your powders? Is there a cheaper way?

alliant is £35 per lb now!

i think viht is £38 500g.

it's awful. i am really sick of the cost of things. Is there a way round it? a shooters cooperative buying in bulk from the supplier and selling for non profit?



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The LAW, and legislation on the transactions of powder have created a monopoly.
there are only so many places you can buy this stuff and it has to be face to face and sometimes an FAC has to be shown.

wonder how much it is from the USA, although i am not bringing it through customs for all the tea in china. guantanamo is not so good this time of year.


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us prices

The price of hodgdon powders : 1lb of H4350 is $21 usd. £11.

that is a third of our price.

I am not bringing it through either. I don't fancy guantanamo


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I've heard that you can buy Vhit a lot cheaper in Belgium, the only minor problem being that you're not supposed to take it on the ferry or Eurotunnel...


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Now, I wonder if the rising price of powder will cause reloaders to load a little less hot than usual? I also wonder if this reduction in speed will lead to the discovery that bullets only have to be launched at bullet speeds and not guided missile speeds to do their job when they get where they are going :eek:



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Spot on.....

120's@2900 + 130's@2800, why l ask do l need any more speed.... same point of aim and clover leaves ;)
Extreme speed only burns money and barrels......


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super fast

They are mega fast velocity. The problem is it takes 6 oz of powder in that 300wsm. Is it true that you can form the cases out of 5 gallon drums? ;)


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I have emailed lyalvale express to see where the nearest vectan stockist is to me. thier Tu5000 is very similar to old nobel #1. i will use it in my 30-06 and 7mm08.

I used the 7mm in a pipe range yesterday. the muzzle flash using re19 was massive. i think that i might burn more powder in the barrel with the vectan it is quite a lot faster burning. the barrel on the model 7 is only 18 inches long.

i would like to burn more powder in the barrel and less in the air. i reckon it will be far more efficient.

I will keep you posted about the powder price battle.



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I wouldn't guarantee that using Tu5000 will reduce your muzzle flash. I use tu5000 in 8x57jrs and through a short barrel on an indoor range with subdued lighting the muzzle flash is very impressive.
I have used 3 vectan powders now in various calibres and have had slightly mixed results. Ba10 was used for reloading .38spl for target - good results loads similar to Bullseye. Tu2000 for the .222 - superb accuracy, definately my favourite. Tu5000 in .270 and 8x57jrs - good in both but not outstanding.
Biggest problem I have is getting hold of Vectan, the only supplier that I know of is Peter Lawman and he can be slow in despatching orders. Pity it's not more readily available as price and quality are good.


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Collected part of my order this morning, the Vit. N140 has got lost on the road somewhere.
Varget £32 per pound.
100 6mm 75gr V.Max. bullets £19.75 , everything is steadily going up an up.



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Agreed the price of powder is ridiculous, I have a trade account with a powder supplier, so I am not paying the prices you guys are, but trust me, the trade isnt making much per pound or kilo.

I save a few £, but it isnt lots.

The price hike is more down to transport costs due to Hazchem regs.

e.g Reloading Solutions courier charges £28 per delivery, so unless you buy a few tubs, it isnt worth buying.

I know of similar charges for powder registered couriers elswhere in the country.

Would be nice if the powder manufacturers had plants here.
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