Powder Recommendations


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Hello Again,

As some of you will have seen and read I am thinking of getting into this Reloading Mallarki, seems to be the way ahead to be honest with the shortage of selected factory ammo.

A good Egg, just up the road is prepaired to help me out as much as he can (thanks EMcC) he has asked me to decide on what powder to use and get hold of some.

So I am putting it out to you guys-

What do you use and why?

99.9% of my shooting will be Deer Stalking/Shooting should that make a difference.

Thanks in advance.


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What calibre's are you intending to shoot, that will make a difference, I am pretty sure you have listed them somewhere else but, I don't have the time to go searching.

When you get your reloading manual you will find a table in there that will give you suggested powder charges for each weight of head, together with a start and do not exceed charge. That will give you an idea into the wealth of powders available. Don't forget to consult a powder burn rate chart.

I'm only kidding, I'm sure EMcC will keep you right, let us know the calibres.



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As you probably already know it will depend on what your particular rifles prefer, however, a good place to start would definitely be Vit 140 for .308 and either Vit 160 or Reloader 22 for the .243.




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I've always liked H4350 for my .243 and I have been toying with trying some of the Vectan powders, from Peter Lawman, I hear nothing but good about them. i have no experience of the .308.



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I like vectan powders, the 243 shot well with tu7000 and a 95grn head, and the 25-06 uses the same pwoder and also shoots well. The 222 when I had shot well with tu2000. I had some tu5000 in my local shop for the 308 but the tu3000 is also a good chice for 150grn heads. Oh and although they come in 1lb tubs they work out cheaper than vit locally. Ive got data for them so if anybody would like a copy pm me your email addy and Ill send you a copy.



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i have been using reloader 22 for my 243 using 100 grain heads, for over 7 years and very pleased with it and now use varget for my 30-06 , did try varget in the 243 but found it was a bit harder kick compared to the reloader 22 but waiting on some .308 cases of mrB and will use varget in them just to start him off with his homeloading


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I have used Viht N140 in 30-06 and lighter 243. I now am using re19 as it covers 243, 7mm08 and 30-06 sprg. and i could get it locally and easily.
I have used the old nobel powders and i liked them they are now made by vectan and i keep meaning to get some to try. the problem you have is that the .308 win performs far better with faster powders the 243 likes really slow powders with heavier bullets. One answer would be to use varget and keep the .243 for fast vermin loads.



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For the 308 Vit N140 is very clean. Varget works almost as well in my rifle.
I use 165gr heads.