powder trickler

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Offroad Gary

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after my first few homeloads, which powedr was measured using lee powder measure and weighed using safety scale, whilst adding a few extra granules of powder from a powder dipper, i'm considering the value of a powder trickler??

does anyone use one?

comments please..

Pete E

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I use an RCBS trickler for all my loading..I have a powder measure which is set up to throw just short of the weight I want, and then trickle in power until I get to the weight I require...

I've tried weighing charges direct from a the powder throw and I did not get the consistancy I wanted or felt comfortable with...

The thrower I use is an RCBS but to get the consistancy I'm looking for, I suspect I would need a bench rest style thrower, but I can't really justify spending ££££ on that...


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I use a similar system but with a Hornady trickler.
I find that Varget and Vhit. 140 meter very accurately anyway and only need a kernel or two extra sometimes.
The coarse grained powders tend to slash and cut and meter less efficiently.



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I found that when throwing N140, the lumps of mutton I have for hands still manage to drop in individual kernels.

However, it's a pain having to keep stooping down after every kernel to see where the balance beam has gotten to. I'm 6'2" so it's a long way to stoop.

For some strange reason though I get an enourmous sense of well being knowing the weight it spot on to a 10th of a grain.

Let us know how much easier the powder trickler makes life.


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Well `snowstorm`, I am 6`1` and have no such problem.
My loading bench has been in use for many years and I have got things set up so that I do not have to stoop or hardly move my feet.
Several operations can be performed without moving.
The trickler lives beside the 304 scale on the L/H shelf.



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