For Sale: Powders, Bullets, Other Bits


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Hello Chaps,

I used to post on here a long while back but as I said in one of my last posts a few years ago, stalking turned out to be something of a comedy of errors for me and I packed it all in - lack of time, money, etc.

I was rummaging around in the reloading cupboard earlier this morning (still going strong with the shotgun, at least) and found the box of what remains of my rifle reloading kit. It's of no use to me any more, so the following are available for purchase in the Cambridge area or posted where permissible:

Reloading Gear

  • Lyman .30 cal (Long) Neck Expansion "M-Die" for loading cast bullets - £15 + postage


  • 300x Murom Large Rifle Primers - £5


  • 261g Hodgdon H335 - £15
  • 80g Alliant Reloder 15 - £5
  • 376g Alliant Reloder 17 - £20

.308 Bullets

  • 33x Hornady 3010 110gr SP - £5 - SOLD
  • 71x Hornady Interlock 3031 150gr SP - £10 - SOLD
  • 100x Sierra Gameking 2160 180gr BTSP - £20 - SOLD
  • 61x Hornady Interlock 3090 220gr RN - £15 - SOLD

There are also a few other bits - assorted cases, a case neck lubrication kit (un-used), some cast bullets and a few other odds and ends which I'm happy to give away for free to anyone who visits to collect powder or primers.

I'm also wondering whether one can now send expanding ammunition through the post, since the section 5 to section 1 changes? If it is now possible, then please assume that the bullets all say "plus postage" as they won't need to be collected and I'll be happy to post them.

Thanks for your interest - PM me if you want to buy something :)

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Hey there, I’d take the hornady 150gr interlocks in .308.
Please send payment details by pm!

Crikey! A flurry of interest!

With apologies to Acm, who was just pipped to the post by banus for the 150 interlocks, I've updated the above, pending the usual arrangements.