Available: Pre - DSC2 courses (gralloching and carcass handling)


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I am offering a days course for people who would like to gain practical experience around the subjects of gralloching and carcass handling. This area is generally the 'weakest' area that i see when assessing people for DSC2. This is generally because people do not have the opportunity to consolidate knowledge attained on their DSC1 or preceding 'solo stalks'. There can sometimes be a problem whereby people have gained experience through self teaching although there can be large gaps due to never being shown the correct way or critiqued.

The course will consist of the following;

  • Maximum 4 people per day with 1 instructor (me) who is and AW and also a BASC approved trainer.
  • One full demonstration of a mock - DSC2 field gralloch from approaching the deer through to tagging and storing the carcass in the larder
  • At least one deer per two candidates, but generally one each, which they will be able to complete a full DSC2 carcass prep.
  • A full guide of a working larder, including observations of suspended gralloching and carcass preparation
  • Elements 2, 3 and 4 from the DSC2 portfolio will be discussed and demonstrated throughout the day
  • A discussion and demonstration of equipment which is suitable for deer stalking and carcass preparation
  • Notifiable diseases and lymph node sites discussed and demonstrated (where applicable)
  • £75 per person per day.

Dates to be confirmed from October 1st through 31st of January.

The idea is that this is a practical, hands on experience to prepare people for DSC2 or just to further their knowledge and experience in general. There will be no shooting by the candidates involved. Because of the small numbers, it can be tailored to suit individual needs.

People will be expected to come prepared for a day in the field and also larder, with a packed lunch. Teas and Coffee will be available and the course would likely last for up to 6 hours.

There will be no DSC2 assessment available on days where there are more than one student. However, please contact me if you have specific requirements.

Please register your interest via PM or this thread and feel free to add questions to this thread.

After a resounding success with these courses over 2016 and early 2017, I plan on having more pre-DSC2 dates from Autumn 2017 onwards. Please PM me to register an interest.


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Jon Snowdon of Greenlee at Hexham is holding a similar course on 12th November 2016, probably 2-3 Reds & possibly a Roe


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Jon Snowdon of Greenlee at Hexham is holding a similar course on 12th November 2016, probably 2-3 Reds & possibly a Roe
I've done one of these with Jon and found it very informative, would happily do another when I'm able to.


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Last minute deal.. Due to a last minute cancellation, i have a space left on the last planned pre-DSC2 before October. Normally this would be £75 but due to the short notice, i will offer it up for £50

Date of pre-DSC2 - 2nd Feb 2017
Location - Near Ripon, North Yorkshire