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I spoke to Callum today at precision rifles regarding having some work done on my rifle...
he seemed very pleasant & helpful on the phone! was just wondering if anybody has had any work done with them?


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Callum is the most knowledgeable and least full of ******** gunsmith in the UK. Jokingly we know him as God! you will have no issues with the work or advice you receive from him.

see it shoot it

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he a great rifle builder BUT you will pay dearly for his services,there are others out there just as good at half the price,


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Callum customed my rifle for me. Cracking job , great service, and in fairness ,reasonably priced.



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There is no better Gunsmith working anywhere in the U.K.

I will second that - as far as hunting rifles are concerned. There is 1 smith just as good when it come to single shot / target rifles and that is Pete Walker.
In fairness to Russ Gall I will wait and see how my 22-250AI turns out, I may add his name later!
I have had rifle work done elsewhere with reputed smiths, and have concluded that I will simply adopt the old adage "buy once cry once"!
Callum and Pete, (and maybe Russ!) will always get my work from now on.




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I have known Callum for a long time. I was up seeing him on the way back from Moy. he has not survived in the game for so long without good reason regardless of price. His work is exemplary and there is nothing he does not know about building accurate rifles.

He will be at the Deerstalking fair in March so anyone going can meet him in person over the weekend.

jay 22

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More then likely the best known rifle builder in the uk so you can expect top notch work.

All depends on your budget to be fair. There are other top rifle smiths out there who offer superb work at good prices. You can put there names into google and get a idea of how good they are.

Smiths like norman clark.richard pope. Dasherman. Russ gall you wont go wrong with any of those plus others. Have a ring round and get prices
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Offroad Gary

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i've seen some of his work, it was very good, and the people i know who have used him have nothing but good to report, and will be returning for more. his delivery times were as promised, for rebarrels/bedding work on factory rifles. as for cost, he was a little more but perhaps that not an issue if your going to shoot many tens of thousands of pounds worth of vension/trophys with it and have the pleasure of it for a good many years. i've spent much more than the difference on a bad night out many, many times over.
Hi - Prior to purchasing a custom built rifle, PRS (Callum Ferguson) were recommended to me by several serious stalkers and keepers whom I know, however I formed my own opinion and looked around and did my own research. Ultimatly I bought a rifle from PRS.... The rifle I have bought (6.5 x 284) is superb, incredibly accurate and I am delighted with it and I have had an excellent follow up service and advice - the guy knows what he is talking about!! As far as I am concerned (based on my experience) I would not go anywhere else and would thoroughly recommend PRS. Hope this helps.


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Another superb smith is Neil Mckillop, based near Reading/Basingstoke area.

I have had him fettle 2 of my rifles, a 270wsm, which he rebarrelled, and a howa 1500 which he threaded, crowned, squared lugs and custom bolt handle.

His work is truly fantastic, and his prices are realistic too.

Moses off here had his 300wsm done there too.


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Callum turns out great work as did his once in-house stocker who's name I cannot recall but fitted me to a PRS (Weston Gunstocks) Thumbhole Sporter.

You do have to be very patient though but then the positive side is this gives you plenty of time to earn the monies his services command!

I haven't been disapointed with my PRS.




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Returning back to the original thread vein...

Callums work is second to none.

He is a very pleasant guy, who will take time to discuss with you what you want, not what he wants you to be pushed into.

Ive seen lots of rifles he has made and shot quite a few too, they were all excellent.

He is a no BS, no attitude and no dodgy history riflesmith, at the top of the UK tree.

You get what you pay for and he can charge pretty much what he wants as he has a waiting list of clients across europe and beyond.

I dont begrudge or whine what he charges, if you can afford it, use him, you will not be dissapointed.


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well said redmist he is at the top of the rifle builders tree and hes earned the spot by his work alone and that is the plain and simple truth