Preferences for wildlife management methods among the peri-urban public in Scotland


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Is not lurchers , crossbows and RTA'S the traditional way? We could drop carrot baits like DOC in NZ, given scots veg consumption there should not be much collateral by catch!!

I,m sure there is a round that holds velocity to short range impact but wont go through walls ect , that on a moderated rifle might be practical but probably not popular with general public.


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There were a few stalkers involved in the study and it was clear that the public did not want a management plan similar to the plans carried out by the then DCS. But the public did realise that deer needed managed and were willing to use the most suitable method. But they made it clear that it was to manage deer not eradicate them. PLEASE remember this study was carried out on behalf of the FC/DCS . The questions were slanted in there favour some what.