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What level of accomodation would you prefer durng an African Safari?

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Hi all, just very quickly, I'd appreciate your thoughts and opinions regarding what level of accomodation you would expect and prefer should you decide to go hunting in Africa?

I appreciate this is perhaps more specific to the big game section, but I'm looking for perceptions from folks who have not been before as well as those that have if possible, and I'll tell you for why.

Two of my outfitters are in the process of building more guest cabins on their farms while another is looking to build some permanent shower / toilet facilities at a very remote outpost - which sounds great until you find out that there is no cement in either Namibia or South Africa and there isn't likely to be any for a while as all of it is being diverted for use in the construction of Football stadia for the forthcoming World Cup!

So, we're looking at tents again and that's why I thought I'd ask!

So, we basically offer accomodation in the various forms:

1) Staying with the outfitter / farmer as a guest in ther house
2) Staying in a separate cabin or lodge off-site
3) Staying in a purpose-built cabin on the farm
4) Staying in a luxury cabin with A/con and hot and cold running waiters
5) Tented safari

There is another option, the one I usually choose, and that's to just make a fire and sleep around that in the open, but it takes all sorts and not many people choose the rough-it option - lol.

So guys, which would you prefer to go for if you were travelling over, and if you didn't know already, which would you expect to find on your arrival?

Many thanks


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I don't think I would mind to be honest as the accommodation would be the last thing on my mind! As long as I was fully aware of what to expect on arrival, then it wouldn't be an issue.

If i had to choose one it would be the cabin on the farm though.


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I've stayed in a variety of accomodation in Africa, from tents to luxury chalets and as long as it is organised and well-run it has all been great fun. I must say outdoor living gives you the most 'life experience' and is great fun........but I would expect the lower costs to be reflected in the price, which it rarely is.


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That's actually a great point mate - nice one, wish I'd thought of it!

Yup, Boghossian's right, generally your daily PH fee also provides for accomodation, food, drink and so on and while what you're paying for is the Professional Hunter, in reality, that money also detirmines what accomodation you get too - mind you, with some of the more expensive locations, I've found that they count and bil you for everything you eat and drink - and that get's old pretty quick when you're focussed on having a good time IMHO!

Many thanks!



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I would choose two. The purpose built cabin, i am one of those that likes a bit of time alone. I hate crowded rooms. And the camp fire option, i love the open air and the feeling of freedom it gives.


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I think that a issue here is personal space.

Socialising with fellow hunters and with one's PH is all part of the safari experience, but it is also necessary to have a little privacy and "alone time" - this requires some separation.

I suspect that PH's themselves would also welcome this. Having a client living in one's own property is likely to place unwelcome stress on the relationship and to make both parties feel awkward. Even a pro needs to go offline sometimes!

(A point made by both Capstick and Boddington in their books is that the client cannot expect to be entertained all the time and should leave the PH to work alone from time to time).




Just another thought - many African safaris provide a whole entourage of cooks, maids, trackers and so on.

To a South African, having an extensive domestic staff may be pretty normal but for guest from Europe or the US this is often new. Here in the UK only the mega-rich have staff.

Dealing appropriately with hunt staff can raise whole new issues of courtesy and etiquette which are not easy to deal with - this is an area where a thoughtful PH can help!


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Botswana tents in two different camps. South Africa roundavels twice tree house twice, tents, and stayed with the PH. Zimbabwe roundavels and tents.

I prefer a tent. Mind you these tents are carpeted, proper beds, white linen etc :D and a lady/gent to bring you tea in the morning.

Cant beat waking up to the early morning bird song, or laying at night in the Khalahari as the sun goes down and listening to the stone ghekos before the light goes.

Pure bliss :D

As long as Wada's and Co dont think they are having me bring tea in the morning to them when they are up on my lease in Scotland in a few weeks time ;)


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Thanks folks, that's very much appreciated!

I'm over to some new outfitters in RSA shortly and 3 of them use tents so I'll check them out and get some for next year - which will help greatly as there's still no cement in Southern Africa!


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