Prepared for a range trip wednesday !


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I just finished preparing for the range on wednesday !
First off I got my Ruger #1B's in 6mm REM and 257 Bob out of the safe so I can finally check the scope settings . Last time I picked up my 270 and 280 by mistake .

Loaded 20 rounds for the Ruger #1B 25-06 with the Hornady 117 SST and IMR4350 . Wanna make sure the scope settings for that one is okay also .
I had a 25 round box of the older Remington 12 gauge 2 3/4" Foster Slugs (look to be late 60's early 70's) so I put 4 of them in a plastic bag and I'll try my Philadelphia Fox Sterlingworth at 25 and 50 yards .
If the forend comes back for my LC Smith 10 gauge I'll cart that one out to try the new firing pin and some more buckshot patterns at 25 yards . Have 3 loaded with 12 pellets of 00 Buck , 2 loaded with 16 pellets of #1 Buck and 2 loaded with 32 pellets of #4 Buck .

Finally the Ramshot X-Terminator powder a friend gave me got loaded tonight in cast bullet loads for one of my 444's !
Loaded 3 rounds of each of the following ,
RD 432-240GC with 54.4 grains COL 2.500"
RD 432-265GC with 51.5 grains COL 2.488"
RD 432-300GC with 49.1 grains COL 2.522"
MM/RD 432-325GC with 47.1 grains COL 2.503"
RD 432-350GC with 44.8 grains COL 2.532"
NOE/RD 432-350GC HP with 44.8 grains COL 2.575"
BRP/RD 432-375GC with 42.6 grains COL 2.528"
BRP/RD 432-375GC HP with 42.6 grains COL 2.522"
My plan is to shoot 3 shot groups at 50 yards with all the above and Chronograph at the same time . If the weather cooperates I should be at the range set up and ready to go at 07:45 wednesday !


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Just got back from the range and all went surprisingly well !
Wasn't able to take my LC Smith 10 gauge as I didn't get the forend back yet . So I replaced it with my little circa 1969 Browning 22 Auto and my friends CZ527 Varmint in 17 Hornet .
First off I shot the little Browning 22 Auto . I had put a new detent thing in it and wanted to make sure it functioned okay and still shot the same POI after it was worked on !

I shoot a Winchester High Velocity copper washed HP bullet so I don't expect benchrest accuracy but it does shoot well enough for squirrel headshots to maybe 40 yards . Anyway it did as hoped so after about 12 shots it was done !

Next I went to my friends CZ527 Varmint in 17 Hornet . I had loaded 5 different charges of H4227 with the Nosler 20 grain Varmegeddon bullet for 3 shot groups . The charges were 8.8 , 9.0 , 9.2 , 9.4 and 9.6 . The last group was a tenth over max going by Hogdons data . The 9.2 and 9.4 looked pretty good . with the 9.4 being about half an inch at 100 yards . The 9.2 would have been as good but I think I jerked one of the shots . The 9.6 opened some . I think next time I'll try 9.2 , 9.3 , 9.4 , 9.5 and 9.6 . Someone gave me about 4 1/2 pounds of H4227 a year ago and this is a pretty good use for it !
The CZ527 Varmint 17 Hornet with a Leupold VX2 6-18AO on top !

When I shot the little 17 I first shot a fouler then I followed with a pair of 3 shot groups then cleaned the gun . Again shot a fouler and then two more three shot groups . Cleaned again shot a fouler then the last three shot group . The 3 foulers had 9 grains charge and I shot them all at the same spot with the group being a hair under an inch .

I am sorry to say after finishing with the 17 Hornet I sort of forgot to take any more pics .

I took my Philadelphia made Fox Sterlingworth 12 gauge next . Shot first the right barrel at a 25 yard target and hit it dead center . Followed that at 25 with the left barrel which was perhaps 4 inches to the left at the same elevation . Then I shot the right barrel at 50 yards and didn't hit the 9x11 piece of paper . Tried the left barrel with the same result . I was using Remington 2 3/4" rifled slug loads from the late 60's early 70's .

After that I got out the 257 Roberts Ruger #1B and after three shots I was sure the scope had not moved and was okay . Put that one in the case and pulled out the Ruger #1B 6mm Rem this one has an old Leupold M8 7.5xAO scope on top . And after three shots I was certain this one was okay .
Got the Ruger #1B 25-06 out and after 5 shots I was done with that one as well .
Incidently I'm shooting the Nosler 25 cal 115BT in the 257 Bob , the Hornady 6mm 95 SST in the 6mm Rem and the Hornady 25 cal 117 SST in the 25-06 .

After that it left me with the circa 1967 444 with a period Weaver V7 on top and all the Ranch Dog style cast bullets pushed with Ramshot Xterminator powder !
First the RD 432-240GC with 54.4 grains powder averaged 2311.33 FPS and shot in a ragged hole at 50 yards .
Second the RD 432-265GC with 51,5 grains averaged 2217.66 FPS and also shot a nice almost ragged hole group at 50 yards .
Third was the RD 432-300GC pushed with 49.1 grains for an average of 2131.33 FPS and this group was also rather decent for 50 yards but not a ragged hole .
Fourth was the Mountain Molds/RD 432-325GC with 47.1 grains for an average velocity of 2012 FPS and once again a rather nice group but not a ragged hole .
Fifth was the RD 432-350GC with 44.8 grains powder for an average of 1920 FPS and another decent group .
The sixth group was with the NOE/RD 432-350GC HP again pushed with 44.8 grains and an average velocity of 1934 FPS also in a rather small cluster !
The seventh group was with my BRP/RD 432-375GC and 42.6 grains for an average velocity of 1818.33 FPS but the group was not so great .
The eighth and last group was of the BRP/RD 432-375GC HP again with 42.6 grains for an average velocity of 1815.66 and this one also did not show great accuracy .
The last two may very well close up a bit with a bit more powder as they seemed to yaw ever so slightly .
Now I need to find a pound or two of Ramshot X-Terminator powder for some more uhm testing yeah we'll call it testing !

Well the next range trip will hopefully be some more with the 17 Hornet , my LC Smith 10 gauge , my three inline muzzle loaders and the two Savage bolt action rifled shotgun slug guns !