Price for Lee 1000 Pro

Leica Amplus 6


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Hi Guys,
Got given this when I started reloading a while ago. Not going to use it so it may as well go, can someone give me an idea of what it is worth.

Really good nick, needs the primer and powder attachments. Has a new cartridge feed with 4 tubes. Two shell holder plates.


Cheers :)


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When complete and intact, these sell for about $100 US used, with the dies. There are several of these for sale in the City near me. A new (old stock) unit at my local Trading Post runs $185 in 45ACP.~Muir


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It will depend on how complete it is after all buying any missing bits may bump up the cost, and also the calibres of the shell plates. I wouldn't expect the value to be much more than £25 to £30.
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