Primos Trigger Stick V's Vanguard Pro Stick

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Evening all,

Firstly, my apologies as I know this is a bread and butter question for the site.... stalking sticks!

However I am in the market for a set of tripod stalking sticks and haven't found a conclusive answer in any of the previous threads.

At present I use a polecat mono pod for the close combat nature of stalking Muntjac in thick woodland. Close cover, thick foliage and little set up time make it a good option.

On more open land, longer shots and therefore allowing longer set up time, I use my home made quad pod. Good bit of kit, very stable for longer shots though cereal or long grass but if a beast is grazing left to right or visa versa its a bloody pain to move without alerting your quarry. They are also long, noisy, cumbersome to carry and mark my stock.

I trawled gunmakers row on Saturday looking for something suitable. Not one shop was selling anything other than basic bi-pods alongside their decoy hides.

The two sticks that have caught my eye are:

1.) Primos Trigger Stick "Jim Shockey" Tall Tripod Shooting Rest 24"-62"

2.) Vanguard Pro series T68 tri pod.

I'm not a man for gadgets and I'm worried the trigger stick wont stand up to the riggers of daily stalking. It looks fantastically simple to use and the ease of adjustment is very appealing but I feel like the safe option would be to go for the Vanguards.... purely as there is less to go wrong.

Does anyone have experience of either of these two?

I don't want to fork out on something that in 6 months time is going to end up living in my garage for the rest of its life.

I've only briefly used the Primos - I saw the Vanguard at a show and almost lost interest at the first 'feature' shown which was the Velcro (very noisy) strap used to secure the legs :rolleyes:

Aside from that it looked a very useful and usable bit of kit.

A friend of mine has the Primos which are pretty amazing - it looks like it shouldn't be dead robust, but it is or, at least, it seems to be so far.

It's easy to use, stoutly built, great grip, the rotating rest (independent to the rotating handle) is great if you are covering a wide area, I'm tempted myself having fooled with my mate's set. I put my bins onto them and didn't want to give them back :)
Friend of mine has the Vanguard - they seem very nice. For me though, Bog Pod, without question.

Eric keep clear of the Primos I am on 3 rd set in less than 12 months got another replacement set coming on Thursday legs don't drop when you need them to I also know 3 guys who have had the same trouble
For tri pod I have bog sticks, but for a bi pod I use primos, 3 yrs old and no problems apart from losing a rubber foot in a bog
After much deliberation and multiple conversations I have decides to go with the Trigger stick. The vast majority of people have been over the moon with the stick and have said its definitely had a positive impact on the number of deer in their larder, as a result of being so quick, quiet, stable and easy to set up. This is coming straight from the horses mouth, from real world stalkers in real world situations.... That's good enough for me.

This may be too late for you Miles but...

Have you seen Hammond Sporting, Country Sporting Goods, UK ? They were on the BDS stand at the CLA - I was quite impressed. Quadpod with the ability to track horizontally.

I've got a Bogpod tripod which I find very good I must admit - you would be welcome to have a go if you are passing.

Just wanted to update you all.

I have been using the trigger sticks with great effect and I am very pleased with them. I have taken multiple beats in all sorts of different situations with these sticks over that last couple of months. Very pleased with then indeed.

I hope that helps with others decision making!

I would steer clear of the Primos sticks, I had a set and they were jamming after 3 months use, water gets down into the mechanism and they don't like it.
Had the promos tripod sticks for quite a probs.
Just skoosh some wd40 in all the joints and leave to dry.
Would like the gen2 asas they.they're lighter and go lower but short of cash at the no.
I recently changed from my bog standard cheapo tripod sticks to the Vaunguard T62 not the T68 . The Vaunguards build quality is very good and its a great stable platform to shoot off .
I also have a set of t62 sticks and they are very good not only are they a tripod but a bipod and can be a mono pod wouldn't be with out them :thumb:
I think Paddy on here uses a set of Vanguards for all his foxing and they seem very good well he shot everything I have seen him aim off with them. however they are not tall enough for some stalkers e.g. me and I must say I saw the Primos at the MGF and I was v impressed.

I think Paddy on here uses a set of Vanguards for all his foxing and they seem very good well he shot everything I have seen him aim off with them. however they are not tall enough for some stalkers e.g. me and I must say I saw the Primos at the MGF and I was v impressed.

Hi cures you can get a set of pro t68 which are 6" taller than the t62 set
Hi All

revisiting an old thread but has anyone tried the trigger stick tripod from Woodland enterprises? How does it compare to the primos or vanguard versions (apologies if this is covered on another thread please redirect me as my search didn't come up with a hit). I figure I can make a quad pod but the trigger aspect is a bit beyond me and these would be good for shooting seated as well as standing


I think that I had one of the first trigger sticks this side of the pond. They are a great idea. Several friends bought one. Have to say great idea but reliability is rubbish. Given up and now use Vanguard Pro series T68 tri pod.
Still going with the trigger stick after hard core use for the last 18 months. The twin support yolk accessory has finally give up the ghost and is not locking in at 90 degrees all the time so I've ordered a new one but the sticks are still going fine. Not quite as smooth as they used to be but not bad.
I have the primo sticks with the double head , fantastic bit of kit, had the quad sticks which were good . but the ability to track a moving target with the primo is brilliant,