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Sold: Primos Trigger sticks & Camelbak backpack

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Before I put these on ebay I'll offer them up to the SD Massif!

I have a set of Primos Deluxe Tripod Trigger Sticks, these are the Gen 2 Jim Shockey Special Edition. Bought them from Bushwear a couple of months ago. Only used them once, great sticks but they are not for me.. £70 posted - sticks sold pending the usual to The Prowler

Also have a Camelbak BFM backpack in Multi Terrain Cam. This is probably the most comfy and functional pack I have ever owned (probably why the military, both in the UK & the US issue them to SF troops!) but is just not being used so I would rather it went to a good home. It is 45L fully laden but can be compressed to less and is still carry on size!! These are £300 new!!!!! Only used for 1 week sightseeing in Norway (managed to take a whole weeks worth of kit and carry on so no luggage charges!!) so is in as new condition. It does not come with bladder but an Antidote bladder can be bought separately. £99 shipped (please no offers, these go all day long for more than that on evilbay and in proper used condition! but I want to avoid charges!!)

paypal or bank transfer

excuse the stock pics, mine looks identical (minus bladder hose) and in the same condition. If you want pics of the actual pack please ask and I will provide.

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