privi .25-06


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I've not used them in a remmy 700 but have used them in my steyr, they seem to shoot well but don't expand as well as other factory ammo.
So they are kept back for foxing:D
Cheers Luke


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Hi Matt
There is only one way to find out mate:D. My old 2506 hated them but my mates shot them ok. One Factory loading that does seem to shoot well in many different Rifles is the Sako 117 Grain soft point.



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Shoot ok in my RG rifles .25-06 not as accurate as home loads but acceptable .... Had few Roe run when normally they drop .... As said above suspect they don't expand as well as other brands
ok for plinking & foxing but for deer I'm going back to home loads once finish the batch


norma 308

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Just had a shot with some 140 gr in 6.5 that biker 1 gave me ... Well I was suprised shot well in the steyr .half the price of Norma may change name to privi 308 :D