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I am just about to go and buy some reloading componants from Kranks. I have seen on the website that they are selling privi partisan componants.

I like the look of thier products price wise. I like the look of thier new "grom" bullet it looks like a similar construction to a trophy bonded bear claw from speer. Has anyone used any?

It might be an option in the 30-06 for pig shooting.

it is also available in 7mm 158 gr, i think i will go for a normal 140 gr jacketed psp bullet for this becuase I will get more rapid expansion and according to hodgdons site i will return about 2600 fps. That is from a test barrel, not from the stumpy little thing my model 7 has!

They also have powder available. Has anyone got any data for it?

Thanks guys



Privi is very well priced but how many rounds do you actually shoot? It is my opinion to load with the best available if you want the best reults.
But it's your choice in the end
I belive thier factory loads can be pretty stout



If Henry Kranks are importing PP powder. They will have some data.
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