Prizewinners - July's Supporters club


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Prizewinners - July's Supporters club,

Okay here are the lucky winners in in the July supporters club draw

Budgie Smuggler he has won the Vortex 8x28 binoculars from Moray Outfitters,

mack8137 has the Caldwell Chronograph from 1967 spud,

Boristhedog has the ever popular quad sticks from Limulus.

Congratulations one and all. So gents if you contact the relevant people the prizes should wing their way to you just as soon as.


Budgie Smuggler

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Thank you John,that is fantastic news,so happy,can't stop smiling.
Great support from Moray Outfitters,well done chaps.
This has really given me a lift today,thank you.
I support this site because in the short time I have been a member I have "virtually" accompanied hundreds of very experienced stalkers and learnt so much and without the time and effort of the people who organise and run this site this would not of been possible so my monthly contribution is given with gratitude.
Thank you.


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this will probably sound daft, but I've just spent 10 minutes hunting for a post that tells you how you become a supporter, could someone direct me to the appropriate place. Thanks.

Grand Slam

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I set this up through paypal and assumed that it would be a recurring payment, seems to have stopped, does it need doing every 3 months?
Correct me if I am wrong but I believe if you select the lower of the two payment options then it automatically does the payment every 3 months. My pay pal is saying that the next payment is 1st Nov 16 so I assume I have set it up correctly.