Probably my Last English Buck

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Well, today I had arranged to go out and re-zero both my .243 and .308, I had swapped the scopes over so my T3 Tact now has the PM2 fitted and looks the DOGS, albeit a tad on the heavyish said, but "Hay Ho!!". I had also arranged for EMcC to come with me so he could meet Andrew and I basically hand over the contact, so to speak.

Anyway, I started with the .308, thought I would get roughly there with some Privi Ammo. What can I say, I must be very lucky, fantastic groups, started at 30, moved back to 50 then 100, all grouping within an inch!! This stuff seems to like the T3 Tact. Once that was done, I then wanted to sort out my home loads for it, first time loading for it so I had a batch of 60, 10 of each load to see what it likes. Vhit 140 starting at 43gr, up in .5gr intervals to 46gr, it liked the 44gr load and the 44.5gr, same holes, 44gr it is then, .5gr over a time will save me cash ;) (Tight fisted jock).

Sorted, well chuffed 1" high at 100m, Ideal.

Onto the .243, known good load 36gr H380, Couldn't get it to group for love nor money :evil: :evil: Getting to the "I AM P****D OFF" now stage, so sacked it!! Another day. All were within 4", but not good enough as far as I'm concerned.

Atleat one rifle is sorted, .308, had it since Dec and probably only put 20 rounds through it untill today.

All finished at about 3pm, time to go home, drop EMcC off, go home have some food, make up some 44gr loads and back to Andrews for half 6 ish. Sorted. :) Bit of a rush but got there.

Off we go straight away, onto the "Old Reliable", I shot a buck there 2 weeks ago (When my camera battery was flat :evil: :evil: :cry: ). We have seen atleast 2 more Bucks on there and a handful of Does, must be a winner bang in the middle of the rut. ;) .

When we get there, the field has been cut, 6-8" stubble, not a deer in sight :cry: , can't believe it, anyway we decide to walk the full length of the field, we havn't been this far down before but nothing to lose. About 100m from the end (800m long field), accross the field about 200m, a Buck, sorted :lol: , Looking right at us but not bothered, even better, we watched it for 5mins max to see what he was going to do?? Nothing!! Next question? How do I get it :confused: nothing but stubble with a couple of very small rises in the ground, only about 18" of uneven ground between us and the Buck. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, as they say. Off I go.

I was on my hands and knees at first, I couldn't see the Buck he had now laid down, chewing the cud, and was not interested in us BONUS, this hands and knees over this stubble, it smarts :cry: Let me tell Ya! I must have covered about 80m in about 20 mins, this is hard going, and it hurts...Eventually I get to what appears to be a good position, I deploy the bi-pod, all I can see is his head, and that is just over the horizon of the uneven ground, no shoot! :rolleyes: , I need to get closer, I crawled about 20-30m more, re deployed the bi pod, shot's a good un, if only he would look up hill, I can't get a "engine room" shot as he is couched, A neck shot, well the way he positioned, the exit will no doubt re enter his body and cause all sorts of un wanted damage. I need him to look uphill to give a full view of his neck. I don't wan't to make a noise to get him to stand, as with my luck, he will run straight away. I watch and watch for what feels like a week and a half, but more like 5 mins, he is still not presenting a shot. No worries, it is still only about 8pm, I have 1.5 hours of light left, I'll wait. :rolleyes: . As I'm watching him, he is dozing, his eyes keep closing and he has nodding dog syndrome, I was just chuckling to my self, watching him do it. Totally oblivious to me being there.

Eventually he did the descent thing, and presented a perfect neck shot for me, breathing, heart rate, sweat running down my face, cross hairs on target, safety off, CRACK, THUD, MOTIONLESS ;) Sorted, reload, watch............................Nothing. Safety applied off I go. Andrew over at the start point 120m ish gives the thumbs up also as he was watching through the binos.

I get to where he was, a good clean neck shot, the hard work starts now as we all know. Got him sorted, tied up and off back to the car we go.

A good result from a difficult stalk over what I can only describe as crawling over knitting needles, my hands, thighs, knees and in S*** state, but what a worthy stalk and cull Buck for what might be my Last English Roe Buck.

Must be the T shirt that Smithp18 gave me, brought the luck today



Cheers All, hope it was a good read.



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It was a brilliant read mate,but,can I ask why it might be your last English Roe buck,are you off to pastures new...........just being nosey,tell me to 'F' off if you want to........................Martin.


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nice one tj
shame it may be your last for this year :cry:
but you look like you hav had a few :D so can't be all bad ;)
keep safe my friend


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Well done TJ,

Good account and a very good read,
Like the tee shirt,
It’s the lucky one, take with you on your deployment and where it 24, 7.
Keep well and a safe return,
We will all look forward to hearing and seeing you again.

:lol: :lol:


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That was a good read Stu, it had everything the stalk, when not to shoot and why, the presentable photo's no blood and snot, it was educational which is always a good thing. Bloody well done.

Now when you are in Kenya, I wonder if...................



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Good one TJ. It must be the T shirt. think I will wear mine tonight.
Keep safe when you are on deployment. Got some friends out there as well ,think my missus was saying to you at the cla.
Happy hunting for the future
Hope the web is available out there so you can keep in touch :D
All the best

Offroad Gary

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well done.

you should get a job working for the lynx adverts.

McSweaty or what ;)

oh, forget to say, nice looking rifle/scope/mod. if your ever back down this way look me up.


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bucksden said:
McSweaty or what ;)

Tell me about it!!, I was hooped after crawling over the stubble, that has to be the worst (in terms of difficulty) stalk I have had in a long, long time.

But worth it.


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Nice one TJ
Have you had your barrel cut??? i like the way your mod sits up to the stock..


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Good on ya Stu, well done. Wait till I get you up on heart break ridge in the highlands, that wheat stubble will feel like a feather pillow mate :lol: :lol:

You take good care of yourself, and I look forward to seeing you in October. ;)


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Thanks for all postings , moving you may well be! But contacts not lost, there are alot of people out here that support you , endex


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Thanks everyone!!!

I'm not away just yet though, Kenya the 1st week in September for upto 8 weeks.

I do appreciate the kind words though, ;) , this site has done nothing but support the Armed Forces of this country.

Thank You SD Members and of course the SD Site itself.



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I have a few of my lads going out at the same time as you. Stay away from the Whores at Nayuki Show Ground and make the most of the wild life. all the best



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Good luck Stu, maybe Eddy you and me can get together down at Billy's when you return.
I doubt that will be your last English buck.
Cracking write up and good photos!!
When you are in Kenya see if you can get to Watamu for some R&R, it has cracking fishing and wildlife, though I think they keep that for the Ruperts now.


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Hi Stu, A hard earned buck indeed, but they are the memorable ones. You probably still have the scratches up your arms from the stubble.
Anyway it was great meeting you at the Game Fair. Good luck on tour and a safe return.
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