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This may be of interest to someone.

We have registered these as problem animals with the Nature and Conservation department and expect Cities certification through next week.

All hunts for preditors are over a minimum of 10 days and the prices are as follows:

Leopard - £2500
Lion - £8000

Daily PH rate (Single Hunter) £180 / day
Daily PH rate (Two Hunters) £150 / day each

Airport transfers, meals and bait permits etc will be included in these prices, pretty much everything except spirits and your air flight!


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Hmmm I would be very careful with this. They do not dish out Cities permits everyday for Lion and Leopard, and most are over subscribed in SA in particular for Leopard, and there are very very few places in SA to hunt Lion openly, if none at all now.

Lion and Leopard are usually 21 day minimum as they are part of the big five group. This advert seems a bit wrong to me, I would investigate it thoroughly if you or anyone considers going.


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Well a Leopard hunt for 12 days with dogs two years back was $12000 including the trophy fee in Namibia. Lion I am unsure about in Namibia. But I have a PH friend who I can check with if anyone wants the bottom line on it.


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Hi all, I'm Roo from the Hunting Agency - I don't mean to spam this board but it's my agency that has these problem animals available and Mack posted this thread up on our behalf so I thought I'd throw a bit of light on it.

Firstly, Hi Sikamalc, nice to meet you - sorry but it would be inappropriate for me to comment on the price that you previously paid, all I can say is that the prices quoted by Mack were exactly as I quoted him, and yeah, I know how much it smarts to find out that you could have bought something significantly cheaper elsewhere - we've all had that!

As for Namibia, I represent hunting outfitters in S. Africa and Namibia and generally the prices are a bit lower there - Namibia is what was once German South West Africa and was established about 18 years ago. It's considered by many, including myself, as being the last unspoilt place in Africa and we don't have a drama at the airport taking in rifles and the people, not that there's many of them, are genuinely warm and friendly.

Leopard hunting when a tourist says "I'm coming over on a leopard hunt during the first 2-3 weeks of August" can take some time and success is far from guaranteed, but these are problem animals taking livestock from farms and as such have already established their own territories and have a plentiful supply of food and water - they are territorial and are unlikely to move on unless forced. That's why we can offer a 10 day hunt for them - we already know where they are and in one case - what it looks like too!

In the case of the lions, these are a major problem, as are hyaena right now - and hunting Hyaena is fabulous sport, difficult, dangerous and amazing trophies, plus it's great hunting at a reasonable price, anyway, there are lots of lion issues in this part of Namibia, I just got back from spending June there and during that time there were 7 lion and 8 hyaena shot, plus the local game authorities state that they believe that there is a leopard for every square mile of this particular region of Namibia - kinda put's things in perspective!

Anyway, thanks Mack for posting this - and if anyone's got any questions regarding these animals, please feel free to contact me either directly or via this post - thank you![/img]
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