Problems Mounting a Zeiss Diavari on a Howa 1500 SA: Help please


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Can any experienced member suggest a solution(s):

I have just acquired a 6-24x56 Zeiss and am having issues with correct mounting onto my .243 Howa.

First attempt elevation at 100 yds ok but miles R, using weaver type bases (2) and Burris Zee siganture rings. Despite using max inserts unable to get on zero with max adjustment on scope.

Removed and put on Leupold adjustable bases and rings, bore sighted and spot on, however with the AVS turret had to come up 30 clicks, so now only 14 up elevation clicks remaining. 100m zero as per Zeiss instructions.

I have a Howa one piece Pictinay rail (Alluminium) kindly supplied by a SD member. Before trying to fit it I checked on my Burris rings and they will not fit, appears the rail is to wide.

Have had a v close look at the original 2 pieice mounts and appears that the contersink holes on them are out off align to the screw hole so seems to me that when tightened they are twisting the mount out of align hence the scope being miles R.

Subsequently have found this on the net

I'm probably adding to the confusion, but I feel this will at least confirm the Howa/Weatherby connection.

I just bought a set of Burris 2 piece bases for a Rem 700 LA. In the bubble pack there was a small shim and a note saying these bases would work for a Howa 1500 or Weatherby Vangard by using the shim under the rear base.

The exact wording is...

"Howa made receivers including the 1500 series and Weatherby Vangard use the same scope mounting base as the Remington 700. On many Howa made receivers the rear receiver bridge is slightly lower than that of a Remington. The supplied shim should be installed beneath the rear base for the best scope alignment."

Maybe this will help you.


The shim measures .015, if you want it I'll send it to you. Maybe you could use it under the rear of a Rem 700 one piece base. The screw holes allow for variations. I don't know if it'll work on a one piece or not, but you're welcome to it.

So this might explain why my rifle is shooting so low

I have access to some 1 thou shimming steel, I dont want to put it in the rings on such an expensive scope, will it be OK if i put it under the appropriate base, will cut and punch holes for screws.

Alternatively do I need a MOA rail and if so what 10,20 or 30 MOA

Any suggestions would be helpful.



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I would put the shim under the leupold base and see what the results are. I know my local gunsmith has done this loads of times without any problems.
I have the same scope on my remington and also use the burris signature zee rings with burris steel bases.
My burris rings are very tight and wont fit my other rails either.
If you want to use the burris rings you would probably be better off buying the burris xtr bases like mine.
If you want to buy another brand of rail or bases take the burris rings with you to make sure they fit before buying.


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Thank you for that very helpfull info re Burris rings. They are excellent rings pity so difficult to get in the UK.



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what sort of one piece rail is it. Also could you measure in for me. My Burris rings will not fit on a standard Howa rail which measure 0.850" needs to be 0.830" Is yours flat or MOA




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