Professional deer stalker, Caithness


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Most people say they don’t have one, and a large group including professional stalkers wonder what they are
Joshing aside.

I have enjoyed reading about people's experience with the 6.5CM.

I run a .243 and .308 (predominately) for deer, but, if I was staring out again, I would probably go for the 6.5 to replace both.


He’s a professional stalker of course he doesn’t use a Creedmore

Hi. I have the right to stalk over 20,000 acres mostly commercial forestry but also some farmland. And cull approximately 300 deer per year. Mix of roe red & sika.


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Hello CRCS Ltd, relax, take a deep breath and if there’s a man behind the professional let’s meet him. Do you have a name? Mine is Dave, I’m not a professional stalker but I’m a professional in some other field of industry which when I’m out stalking is the furthest thing from my mind. We all appreciate that you do this professionally but let’s meet the man. 😊