Prospects for the 2013 Roe Rut.


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Prehaps I might be the only member of the site that isn't at all concerned about the impending roe rut. This year has seen some strange weather and for once virtual all the grass has been mown, we have a reduced cereal crop but more maize, so the bucks should be more easy to see.

I have only seen proper rutting behaviour twice, neither time was I stalking and I do not target bucks durring the rut. The medal heads I have shot have always been post rut when they have spread their genes which seems to me a bit more appropriate.

I have been out virtually every every evening for the last 10 days after foxs and have only seen one buck (that was on the lamp) and they appear to have vanished, I have spared two cracking 6 pointers earlier this month in fact one of which I could of shot on 3 occassions.

So generally this year with the current hot weather and altered cropping patterns how do members think the rut will progress?



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shot two bucks fighting over a doe last week, looking at records for last yr, we had them coming to the caller on the 15th July , we are all grass and woods, as to crops, everything has caught up down here now, and the best yr for beans in a long time.