prototype summer stalking jacket


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I was sick of wearing poorly designed and over engineered jackets for summer use.
They were all far too hot, waterproof when not required, too many noisy parts and made from synthetics

my requirements were:
no hood
no velcro
no neoprene cuffs
no synthetics
no poppers

shell (no lining)
natural fibre in a dark green or brown
longer sleeves (for my Sasquatch arms)
high collar(keeps face hidden and midgies out!)
quiet material and fastenings (I want to be able to move and undo pockets whist 30 yds from a twitchy doe without sounding like a I am ripping paper inside a crisp packet!)
shorter length (like a large shirt more than a jacket, its 25deg, I dont need to keep my arse warm!)

I have tried all manner of makers and models at shows and shops and failed to find something simple (and cheap!)
The wonders of T'interweb found me a material supplier who sent me 8sqyds of ripstop cotton in a nice dark green for the princely sum of £20

I butchered an old shirt I had been keeping and copied the panel shapes adding and inch all round to length and width
I robbed a zip from a old coat I was going to stick in the charity shop
I picked up 30 5x1mm magnets from eBay for £3
Stole the wife's sewing machine and self taught on how it works! (its just a self feeding spot welder that uses thread!)

How hard can it be?!?!?

The prototype:

The material:

My extra long sleeved, high collared, zipped, double flapped, silent magnet closing, breathable, silent, summer stalking overshirt!

needs a couple of pockets added, few tweaks here and there, but I tried it out on a 4 hour assault of forestry/farmland on Tuesday.
does what it is designed for perfectly

I have used half the 8yds of material, probably cost me less than £15


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spot on. so do we send you old shirts and you send us back a jacket ??????? you could be busy


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Well done sir! Perhaps if you didn't want to do the sewing yourself for everyone else on here you could persuade one of the manufacturers or a local sewing alteration/repairs shop to take up your design.


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7 years ago whilst on a trip to the US I purchased just what you say you require from Cabelas. Jacket and trousers cost less than £30 IIRC
Lightweight, no lining to jacket or trousers so extremely cool, no poppers or velcro, jacket has elasticated cuffs and waist band and trousers have cargo pockets. All in all, an ideal summer stalking outfit.