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Well I only hope its not like the last batch of 357 I bought for my hand gun I use for dispatching. The case split in the revolver and jammed the whole cylinder.

Not my idea of good ammo :eek:

The Mole

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My old .308 Brno loved the stuff and grouped to around 1" with it. A mates .243 (Tikka) couldn't produce a group smaller than about 4" with the Prvi though.

Depends on your rifle I suppose - let us know how you get on.


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Well, i have said it before and i will say it again, this stuff for me is the mutts nuts. I use it in a Tikka 595 .243 and a styer .270 and cannot fault the stuff. I used it when contracting and can honestly say it never let me down and it accounted for some deer aswell. ;)



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l was given 180 rnds in 243 but as l home load l was only interested in the brass so l passed them onto a friend, l have not heard many good reports about them but l must admit that when we went to zero the rifle with them l was quite impressed with there performance, he was getting under 1 in grouping and they have shot very consistantly since making many kills and performing well, but the brass does need a little sorting.


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I recently used PV Ammo in my .308, 150gn and it clover leafed in the ten ring at 100yds and from 200yds had a 1" group 1" low.
Oh, I was using a 'cheap and nasty' remmy 700 Adl but then I had tweaked the trigger myself so maybe I cheated!!


when i first bought my tikka i was trying different ammo ,bought some of the privvi in .243 and could get a better group with the shotgun :lol:


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I can never get a very good group with my shotgun even using full choke up close so you must be good!! lol


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Just got a s/h Tikka T3 .243 , sighted it in for my 75gr V.Max home-loads and tried it with some 100gr SP `privi partizan` that I won at a stalkers shoot.
Was pleased to get a half inch central 3 shot group at the same sight setting at 100yds so now I can shoot a Roe or a Crow by a simple bullet change-over.



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Used prvi partisan 100gn sp .243 for plains game and performed faultless. Stopping most animals in there tracks, even wildebeest!


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I'd certinally give them a go, my .308 shot very well with 150gr, if I could get hold of them up here, my .270 and 22-250 would certinally have had a box through them just to see how they perform. I'll be picking some up when I next come accross them.



My .223, .243 and .308 all like PRVI, no problem with 1" as long as I do my bit, but as always, your barrel needs to like them, fortunately all of mine do!

I use .308 150g SP


I use Prvi 100gr in .243 and can't fault it. i can shoot sub inch groups through my ruger m77 and using my dads browning A-bolt i have had cloverleaf groups!
I think it will depend on the rifle, but if your rifle likes them, they are pretty cheap!:)


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My .270 hated both the 130gn and 150gn PPU rounds, spitting them out to entirely random points of impact - I couldn't get better than 3" groups. My stalking partner, on the other hand, gets half inch groups from the same batch of 150gn rounds out of his Tikka T3 and thinks they're the best thing since sliced bread, given that they're £9 a box from Kranks.

Try them - you might get lucky. If they do shoot, I'm damned if I know how - when I pulled a pile of rounds, the brass, bullets and powder charges has massive variations. Bullets varied in weight by up to 2 grains, powder charges by the same and the brass is very inconsistent in internal volume, so pressure must be all over the place...



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its love hate ammo, some rifles i had shot 3" groups with the stuff, other looked like it had gone thru a machine gun :rofl: The brass is goo to re-load..thats all !


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I bought some PPU 8x60S cases in France two weeks ago.

The necks all needed to be trimmed back by about .25mm (a quarter of a millimetre) to get rid of almost a "ruff" or "flange" at the case mouth. But once that was done and they were then attended to inside and outside with a deburring tool they seem OK.

I have yet to either load or shoot them however.

Anson Deeley

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I think it's all down to whether it ballistically suits you rifle. the .270 win / 130 grain shoot beautifully in my Heym, the .308 are sh1t in my Scout. I'll always buy the .270 as it's so good, but never again the .308. Shame really as it's cheap fodder.