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Hales Smut

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To start I want to say that I have no ( financial or business) connection at all with this company. A few weeks ago I was in Ireland and I took advantage of that situation to go and have a look at Edi's workshop. I must say that I rarely met a man with such a desire to make an excellent product. He has the drive to make the best even better. He showed me diffrent stocks and rifles bedded in his stocks. A man that knows his clients and you are not just a number.
For man like me, who likes a truly lightweight rifle, these are the stocks to buy. I had a few in my hands and it was stunning.
It was a pleasant visit and I met a truly genuine rifleman. Thanks.


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From my discussions with Edi over a period in time on these forums I have no doubt that your correct. For those who wish a synthetic stock I am sure they will fill the requirement.


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got one and love it ! my rifle looks like a 20lb tactical set up but weighs the same as a traditional stalking rifle , whats not to like ?


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Well, thank you all for the kind words.
It was a pleasure meeting you Hales, hope we can get out after a deer or Woodcock if you come over again. You fit right in here.
We do not get many visitors from the continent or the UK in our workshop, anyone who is passing through is welcome to pop in.


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Edi is a total Gent! I'm somewhat of a gunstock modifier/hobbyist and he sorted me out with a stainless recoil lug for my T3 varmint where no-one else could - excellent guy, great product - he even sent it out in good faith before my cheque arrived with him! one day i'm sure i'll get one of his stocks!


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