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For Sale: Pulsar APEX XD50 Thermal Riflescope – 50hz


Active Member
Pulsar APEX XD50 Thermal Riflescope – 50hz £2700 Used couple of times.pulsar_quantum_XD50_thermal_imager_riflescope.pngpulsar_quantum_XD50_thermal_imager_riflescope_1.png
The Pulsar APEX XD50 Thermal Riflescope is the first of Thermal imager riflescopes from Pulsar.
The Pulsar APEX XD50 Thermal Riflescope is a 2×4 magnification thermal imager, it has a Microbolometer resolution of 384×288 pixels and a display resolution of 640×480 the same as the LD series however the significant difference between the XD and LD series of thermals is the refresh rate & detection range.
The Pulsar APEX XD50 Thermal imagers come equipped with only 50 HZ refresh rate compared to the LD which has a refresh rate of 9 hz. The Refresh rate of a thermal imager is vital as the lower the refresh rate the more lag there is. The detection rate of the Pulsar APEX XD50 Thermal Riflescope is 1250m.
Pulsar APEX XD50 Thermal Riflescope Features
– Shock resistance on high calibres (.375H&H, 9.3×74, 8×68 etc.)
– 2×4
– 1250m detection rate
– 10 selectable integrated reticles
– 3 zero memory feature that allows you to effectively save zero for up to 3 different weapons or various distances
– “Picture in Picture” function: 2x magnification of reticle area for extra precise aiming
– Display stand by option
– Smooth digital zoom 2x
– Quick (Automatic and semi-automatic) and noiseless calibration modes
– One shot zeroing with “Freeze” function
– Long eye relief (67mm)
– Wide range of operating temperatures (from -25°C to +50° C)
– External power supply option
– 50Hz frame rate
– 384×288 resolution
– OLED display
– 11° field of view
– Requires 2xCR123A batteries (not provided)


Active Member
I urgently need funds.
Works very well but I also have AVS so had little use of it.
and don't have time for foxing any more.
Open to offer.