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Sold: Pulsar digex n450

Leica Amplus 6


Well-Known Member
Hi I have for sale my pulsar digex n450 with all as you would new plus an aps 3 battery. Boxed in excellent condition. Will include proof of purchase for warranty. Tikka. 223 going up in other sales section too £1000 ono plus post


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Hi, just out of interest, why are you selling the digex? I’m looking at getting one but want to find out a bit more about how good they are before I commit.


Well-Known Member
I'm moving house and freeing up some money so the foxing rig is getting broke up. They are ir fussy, but very good without in moonlight out to say 200 yards. Give me a pm if interested and I will drop you my number


Oh right, I thought it would be better than that. I currently have a pulsar n550 and can clearly see out to past 100 yards with current set up


Well-Known Member
The Pulsar digex n450 is sensitive to IR, on full the power the Digexs IR can cause white out especially off the moderator, the n450's IR does not have a zoom capability so you can't zoom it out on full power, I think this was not the best thought out IR for an IR sensitive scope. The N455 has 940nm Ir which is a more suitable wavelength to the Digex and is almost invisible, the 850nm does give out that distinctive IR glow. Only problem with the N455 Ir it also has no zoom capability nor, in my view enough power. I bought a second hand digex n450 and had these problems, I also had one of Clive Wards black sun dark engine IRs which you can zoom along with 3 power settings off a previous set up. In its original 850 nm IR wavelength it was just to much but Clive kindly change the pill to 940nm and now the set up is spot on. I use my night vision for Boar but can spot easily out past 300yds, and with the 940nm Ir its almost invisible, the next best thing to the thermion ( which shares the same housing) without spending a lot more money. The digex has loads of additional features if you go on the Pulsar website. If you have fox's that are getting a bit IR sensitive and don't want to invest in a thermal scope this set up can be made awesome.


New Member
Got the same setup except digex n455 - the non-focusable factory IR is a real oversight on Pulsar's part - have to point it skyward to avoid white out off the moderator, which defeats the purpose somewhat.
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