Pulsar digiforce 860vs


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Hi, Has anyone tried out the Pulsar digiforce 860vs monocular ? If so what do you think of it.

As stated in a previous post I have a Recon 750. The technical specification for the 750 give a slightly better range (think it's a man size object at 300 meters) whereas the new digiforce is 275 meters
I use a nm400IR on the 750 which gives me greater spotting range.
I would be grateful of any feedback on the Digiforce and especially if anyone has used both the 750 and the Digiforce.

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I'd say the Digforce is going to give you a noticeably sharper image than the Recon, along with 50% higher magnification
The Recon uses a 510x492 pixels sensor and a 320x240 LCD
The Digiforce uses a 640x480 pixel sensor and a 640x480 LCD display.
The difference in quoted detection range comes from the fact that the Recon used a 780nm laser for inbuilt illumination, while the Digiforce uses an 810nm LED.
If you're using an NM400IR illuminator, I don't think there would be any difference in detection range between the two.
Going price for a Digiforce860VS is around £250
One of these will do the same thing - and give you still and video recording for a lot less money http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/6x50-Digital-IR-Night-Vision-Monocular-350m-Range-Takes-Photo-Video-Hunting-Cam-/221856952780?hash=item33a7b471cc:g:EEgAAOSwT6pV0xGe




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I bought a 860 hoping it would be better than the 750,unfortunately it is not.I'm using a Ward B20 for illumination and can see a long way but I can't achieve a sharp focus like I can on my 6.5 Photon XT.There are 3 illumination power levels and a "range finder" but my advice would be to get a Recon 870.