Pulsar Forward DFA75 Night Vision Unboxing (pics)

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I have just unboxed the first production Pulsar DFA75 to arrive with us which will be our demo unit, and thought I would share the experience.

The Pulsar DFA75, sealed in factory packaging

Fantastic "Tactical style" case, which is super tough and a lovely add-on.

Tactical case open showing the DFA75, housed in foam pluck lining, with accessories

Unpacked for first time, showing DFA75, Wireless Remote, Spare Battery cradle, Bolt on IR Laser (Covert), Lens Cloth and Video Cable


Side Controls on Pulsar Forward DFA75 showing power, menu, variable power IR control and the Video out port.


Cover Ring Adaptor (in this case a 56mm) this comes with a neat bayonet fitment flip up lens cap when the cover ring is fitted.

Rear view showing Cover Ring system fitted to DFA75

Cover Ring fitted via bayonet system to Forward DFA75, this is a nice and secure fitment.

Showing the new removable Pulsar IR Laser fitment, remove the blanking plate, and then fit the Laser IR if required. Blank off if using an external IR such as the Nightmaster NM800IR.


Battery Compartment, and how you load batteries (same system as Pulsar Thermal)

Will do a demo video in coming week, and post accordingly some pics when fitted to riflescope.

You can find out more about the Pulsar Forward DFA75 Digital Night Vision add-on on our website.

You can try this very unit in out dark tunnel at the Deerstalking Fair.

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Some more pics after testing unit in dark tunnel, first impressions very good, little review at end of this post.

Mounted to a Tactical Solution for demo in dark tunnel (boys and toys!) Room for a piece of paper to fit between tactical rail and underside of DFA, when using Medium mounts on a 50mm tube!

Fitted to a demo stock, this will be as visitors will try it out in Dark Tunnel

Flip up cover fitted to MTC Mamba for day time use with cover ring.

Flip up cover in shoot position fitted to MTC


Shows cover ring adaptor in place on optics, clearance required is minimal as can be seen here.
(This is a demo stock but the clearance is still evident)

Lens cap off DFA75, ready for use

Fitted to riflescope, the Day Scope Adaptor has a choice of shims for varying objective bell sizes, I used the one that was in the adaptor (smallest) on a 50mm lens Mamba and it fitted a treat, snug, tight and zero movement.

It fits with a shim, and there is a thumb clamp quick release on side to tighten. The fitting and detaching of the bayonet is both firm and precise with zero movement. Works like a cross between a bayonet light bulb and a DSLR camera, using two locating lugs, and a lock plate.

Using the device in the night vision tunnel with the onboard covert IR laser it is sharp and clear, and I cant wait to try it out in complete darkness.

Overall the ease of physical fitment is very simple, and I would estimate my first attempt, taking pictures as I went, it took me 15min tops to get it all fitted.

I have one small comment, (barely a grumble) that I would make on a personal basis, and that is that the unit could do with a weaver accessory rail for attaching an EPS3 to, however I appreciate this was not done as it would mean added weight on the DSA.

I have got round it by fitting it to the front tactical mount of the SLR, and using a small weaver plate mounted to the forestock of the demo stock.

Watch this space for a video review in a week or so when I get my MPR back from a customer who has pinched it for a TV program using our NV kit.
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Had a phone call from a member asking for some close up pics of the bayonet system.

Here we are

Bayonet fitting, with DFA75 de-tached

Bayonet fitting, with DFA75, (literaly 2 seconds to attach)


Close up of bayonet lock (when i first fitted I didnt ensure this "snapped" in place, so make sure you turn positively and precisely and that the latch engages. I was just being delicate when I first tried it.

Note the EPS3 attached to the tactical front rail of the Tactical rifle, this would be an easy addition to a stock (although only one you were not proud of, and didnt mind a pilot hole drilling. Using Medium mounts there is still enough room to slip a piece of paper between picattiny rail and the DFA mount, which has a flattened edge for this reason.
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Watch this space for a video review in a week or so when I get my MPR back from a customer who has pinched it for a TV program using our NV kit.

MPR video will be of little use, since most people would be interested in picture quality *through* the dayscope, including using different zoom levels etc.
No problem!

We have a 7 Day demo service where you are more than welcome to try before you buy so to speak at home for 7 days, (conditions apply)

Or come along to the Deerstalking Fair and have a play in a dark tunnel and try out some thermal imagers too for some fun!

I appreciate MPR video will be of the first "focal plane" so to speak and what the unit is seeing not the eye, hence why we have the 7 day demo service to let you try without committing.

However it is the best we can do unless you try at home, or come to a demo evening, and as they say every little helps!
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