Pulsar Helion XQ50 Remote Display

Evening all,

I have a Pulsar Helion. I'm wondering what other guys have done with regards remote mounting the unit and having an in cab display?

I have an iPhone and iPad and use the app over the inbuilt wifi to connect. the problem with the phone is its too small, the problem with the iPad its another high value item getting crashed around in the truck in the dark. We have built various mounts to try and hold it on the dash for the driver to use while we stood out the hatch in the back. It was an efficient way of foxing and a good night out for 3 people, even anyone who wanted to come for a "ride along" got to be involved with the iPad displaying the image.

However, with covid and lockdown and not being able to get out on mass its been mostly solo outings. This has proved a bit of a hassle as it tends to be a stop, get out, scan, call, and try and muster a shot off the bonnet. It wasn't too bad over the winter months with the long nights giving yourself a bit of time to cover the ground.

But now, I have also sold the truck with the hatch in the back......

So with harvest and clear stubbles fast approaching I'm looking at options.

Has anyone built a remote mount for the roof to screw into the 1/4-20 thread in the body?

Has anyone used an android embedded touch screen stereo (fold out screen things on eBay) and managed to get the pulsar app to run on one?

Am just wanting to leave something in the truck to cut down on "mobilisation time" so to speak



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The biggest problem is the Pulsar Streamvision app -it keeps crashing and when it does work, the lag is horrendous.
There is no analog video output, so you are stuck with Streamvision
The Helion is a great thermal spotter, but it would be at the bottom of my list as a roof mounted spotter with a remote display.